Friday, September 29, 2006

I Feel Chocolate Sick .... and Friday's UKS prompt

I Feel Chocolate Sick

I've just eaten half a bag (a very large bag) of Minstrels - bleurgh, I feel sick.

The problem is, is that I'm not naturally a chocolate lover - but when I do fancy and therefore eat chocolate, it makes me sick and have the 'trots' !!! So why oh why, do I buy the flipping chocolate when I know whats gonna happen when I eat it ???

*feels really sicky now*

Friday's UKS Blog Prompt

What were your favourite subjects in school? (This can be at multiple stages, such as primary school through to university.) What do you still love to learn or study or read about? What do you wish you had learned or studied?

At school I loved English Language, English Literature, Maths (up until my 2nd year at High School - they sacked my Maths Teacher and I was devasted, so hated it after that), Geography and PE.

I have always had a love of reading - Stewart doesn't read anything except the daily 'rag' (not my choice of daily paper - but hey ho each to their own)... and I just don't understand how he can not read a book ????

I have at least 2 or 3 on the go at the same time ... and I pick one up depending on the mood I am in at the time - I just can't imagine my life without a book in my hand at some point during the day !!

I especially love reading at night when I go to bed - I always allow myself at least a half an hour read - and I still read even when I've had a 'couple' !!! Granted, one eye is shut whilst the other is open, but I do try !!!

I also adore Maths. Sick I know. I just love finding number patterns !!

Geography - Ironically, I always thought that I would be the 'twin' who travelled and went off to far flung places - Never in a million years did I think that Colin would end up being a Sea Captain ! I am so proud of his achievements though, and I love it when he comes home from a long trip and describes all the wonderful places he's been to, and all the wonderful sites he's seen.

He's even been to an island dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles, and was invited not only to tour the island, but to swim with the turtles in the sea - I would have loved to have done that.

Then there's PE ... At school, I was in every sports team going - ok, so there was only Netball and Hockey - but that was still every sports team !!!!. I was even the school's high jumper when I was at Primary School, coz I was one of the tallest - sooooooooooo excuse me, but what happened ... why am I now knee high to a grasshopper but at Primary school I was one of the tallest ????? I wish someone could explain that one to me !!!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

UKS Blog Prompt - Thursday

Dreams, goals, fantasies, whatever you call them: Describe FIVE things you’d like to accomplish in your (future) lifetime. How do you plan to do them? What are you doing today to prepare for/do each of them?

I suppose most of my hopes and dreams are centred around Aaron.

1. I HOPE that I can start letting go of the apron strings a little bit with Aaron. It scares me so much to think of him growing up and going into the big wide world. He is my reason for being - and sadly only having the one, I find it harder than my friends to let go .... I am getting better tho !!

2. My next HOPE is that Aaron selects the right High School for himself. At the moment its between two schools - both of which some of his friends will be going to. He's been to the first one tonight, and he is well impressed. I really want him to go to the second one that we will be seeing next week, because their academic achievements are a lot higher than the school we visited tonight, and they are much higher up the league table.

However, I did a great deal of soul searching and have made a pact with myself and Stewart, that it will be Aaron's choice. He's a gifted child, and I hope that he will succeed whichever school he chooses. I'll update my Blog next week after visiting the second choice !!

3. I HOPE that Aaron will continue his education and go to University. I screwed up my school life and only took my qualifications once I had left school and realised what HUGE mistakes I had made. I did eventually go on to do my Maths Foundation degree, but I never followed it up. I HOPE he will have the good sense to learn from my mistakes.

I have tried to instill in him that he can be and do anything he wants - but that it is only him who can put the effort in - and only him who can fulfill his own dreams.

4. I DREAM that someone can come up with a cure for my luvverly Husband Stewarts bad back. He does have good days - but during the cold autumn and winter months, he really suffers and I could cry for him.

5. Lastly, one lickle itty bitty HOPE for myself - I HOPE that I have the willpower to give up smoking, lose weight, exercise more and improve the condition of my sadly depleting little old heart. I want my 30 year old heart back - PLEASE !!!! I promise I will look after it much better than I have previously done. I dread a lifetime of taking tablets - I hate em !!!

If I could have one major HOPE or DREAM, it would be for world peace. For everyone to be more considerate to other people's cultures and faiths, and for people to be more giving and forgiving.

End of sermon. xx

I've been Tagged .... again !!

This time the rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

OK .. five weird things about me ? Hmmmmm i'm not weird - i'm normal ... well, normal-ish ! Lets see what everyone thinks ....

1. I hate spiders or any 'insect-type-thing' that creeps, crawls or flies. I hate them with a passion. I check my bed before I sleep in it. I check the walls and ceilings before I fall to sleep. I check the bath and bathroom sink before I sit on the loo ... just to make sure there's nothing in there ... my life is totally controlled by these freaky weird insects - gross - bleurgh !!!

2. When I take off shoes, boots or slippers I have to check for 'fluff' in between my toes - I have to do it every time I take footwear off. I didn't realise how bad it was, until I first spotted Aaron doing it - he'd caught it off me and thought that 'thats what you do' !!!!

3. I don't trust anyone else's driving except my own. In my teens, 20's and 30's I absolutely loved speed ... the faster the better. Nowadays though, I'm awful. I feel physically sick when someone speeds over 80 when I'm in the car or on the back of a bike - god knows why its crept up on me .. but i'm awful for it. I'm also a terrible back seat driver and I drive Stewart absolutely up the pole with my comments 'watch this' 'oooh look at that' 'put two hands on the wheel' ... for gods sake - what is up with me ????

4. If I have a bath, I have to have a shower as well otherwise I don't feel clean. It makes me feel sick thinking about wallowing in dirt and then not washing it off properly. Hence why I prefer to have showers !!

5. When I make a cup of coffee I leave the spoon in the cup and then pour the hot water down the spoon. I've always done it, and I always have to comment when Stewart makes a coffee and doesn't do it the 'right way'. I always think that by doing it my way, you don't burn the coffee bean/granules, and that you get a perfect cup of coffee.

Adding on to this, I also don't like milk. I don't like the colour, the texture, the smell ... yeuch, it makes me wretch !

Anyway, I now need to tag five people ... so I vote for

Debbie S (can't leave her out)

Fanks girls xx

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

'THE Bathroom', School and UKS Blog Prompt

UKS Blog Prompt

What’s your dream holiday destination? Why? What would you do on your holiday? How much time would you spend there? Who would you take with you?

South Africa. My twin brother Colin is getting married there at Christmas, and has invited us all to go over. Delene, his bride to be is South African, and her parents have a huge farm there. Its a 45 minute drive to the nearest small town, so you can imagine how desolate it is. When I say desolate, I don't mean dull and dreary or all brown and dry .... its a place of such beauty, that I couldn't even begin to describe the place.

Anyway, there's no way I can afford for the 3 of us to go over there ... its a couple of p (pennies) short of £4,000 plus we'd need spending money. We don't have to bother with presents though because my brother is a Sea Captain and Del is the Chef onboard, so they can't really have 'homey' things. No doubt when and if, they ever become permantly landed, then obviously I'd buy em something - don't want y'all thinking I'm a tight-arse or anything !!!!

My mum has just come back from a month away in South Africa with Del and Colin, and is absolutely raving about the place .... my brother has said that he would pay for our tickets, but I couldn't possibly go over there as poor as a church mouse, especially when its Christmas time ... anyway, once again i'm rambling and rabbiting ... anyway, South Africa, this Christmas is where I would like to be :)


Its finished - YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well all except the glass shelves and the loo roll, mirror, soap dish, toothy peg holder ... and the knob off the new shower. We bought the new shower over 2 years ago and when we unwrapped it yesterday, the flipping main knob was missing - can you believe this .... £20 for a new knob ..... OMG when did knobs become so expensive ??? AND..... £12 per sheet of toughened glass for the shelves .... AND £81 for special clippy things to hold on the bloody £12 per sheet glass shelves .... I tell ya ... i'm in the wrong game !!!

*investigates careers in glass ........ and knobs* !!!!!

School - includes strong language

Well where do I begin ... I had a wonderful 'saintly' sort of start to the day. Our RE Teacher wasn't in today, and I was asked to cover his lessons, which I didn't mind. BUT ... the lessons were about Muslim Courtship, Weddings and Divorce ... As our school has 60% Asian pupils, I thought to myself well this ain't gonna be a healthy debate .... anyway, as it turned out, the lessons all went brilliantly well. I learnt so much myself ... and the kids really enjoyed debating the different between Muslim and Christian weddings, divorce, courtship/relationships. I had to do four lessons on the same subject - and each one was different in their own way, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Then we get to this afternoon ..... with my own form. Well, I won't go into the dramatics of it all, but one kid in particular pushed all my RED buttons - which is lethal. I can take so much and then I blow ... but beyond blowing ... I go quiet, and thats when I'm dangerous.

This one kid gets away with murder, when he's in trouble he starts crying and shouting that 'it wasn't me, it wasn't me ... she/he is picking on me, it wasn't me' ... the louder he gets ... the more people believe him !!! It gets me sooo angry. Anyway, today was the icing on the cake ... so I reported him for his bad language ... he called me every 'mother fucker' going and continued with every swear word he could think of, but included 'fuck' or 'fucker' at the beginning and the end. As I say .......... enough was enough.

I went to see the year head at the end of the day .... I told him in no uncertain terms that if something wasn't done about him ... and properly done, then he would be handed my notice tomorrow morning. Thankfully, the child in question had also come to see the Year Head to tell him that he'd been getting picked on - Year Head brought him over and we tried to discuss the matter. Child once again, lost his rag ... stomped off calling me a heap of 'names' again ... but the last one was "fat mother fucker" ... and he shouted it right in front of the Deputy Head !!!

WOW - the gods were looking after me ... child has been suspended tomorrow pending an investigation ... so I have typed up the report of all reports to ensure this child is at least excluded for a week, but I'm pushing for permanent.

I'm not gloating - far from it - I work with these type of kids day in and day out, and it is my life-time challenge to help them and to change their lives - but this one kid is beyond help. No matter what I do or have done for him - I just can't break down his barriers. His mother was only 13 and put him up for adoption - and all his life, he has developed this hatred of women. It doesn't matter who the woman is, he hates em.

I have sadly concluded after 2 years, that he will only fully develop and make a headway in life under the influence of men. I feel I have let him down, but I am pleased that I understand why.

Thanks for reading this ..... if you have got this far, then I love you - Cal xx

Monday, September 25, 2006

UKS Monday UKS Prompt

What is your favorite fashion accessory or clothing item that describes you? Do you have any fashion phobias or fashion pet hates? What do you wear when you want just comfort? What makes you feel at your very most attractive? Do you have a fashion lucky charm (for example, something you wear to a first interview)? Anything you wish you could wear but don't feel you can?

My favourite item of clothing EVER ... was a red suit I bought. I was going out with a Naval Officer at the time, and I was priviliged to be invited to the launch of one of the submarines being built at Birkenhead. Anyway, I had to have a day time outfit and an evening ball gown. The evening gown was easy because I hired one ... and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. The red suit however took more shopping for than the outfit I wore for my wedding - I knew it just had to be spot on.

I had shopped everywhere ... Liverpool, Chester, Manchester... you name it, I went there ... at least 10 times each ... anyway, it was nearing the date and I was panicking. I popped into Birkenhead for some stockings to wear with my ball gown, and happened to walk past Richard Shops ... something red took my eye. I walked in ... and there it was .... my god, I felt more like a woman than Shania Twain ....... I tried it on ....... OMG it was stunning ... I felt more royal than the Queen, and yet more sexy than Madonna. Get this .... my Aunty Isobel had the hat to match the outfit !!!!! I couldn't believe it !

On the day, I had to be at docks for 8 in the morning as we all had to be cleared by the Port Police, Naval Police and probably even the FBI ... The launch was incredible and actually quite moving seeing all the 'lads' in their uniforms. As we were walking back to the room where we had to meet before being 'coached' to the day time celebrations, a little lad came running up to me ... "Hey Mrs he shouted, Mrs ....." as I wasn't a Mrs at this time, I didn't think he was calling me ... "oi, you in the red". I stopped and turned around. This cute little face looked up at me adoringly ... "can I have your autograph?" I could have cried. I said to him "I'm not who you think I am" .... "Yes you are, you're a lady" ....

Well needless to say, I signed his book and I gave him the Order of Service from the launch.

Not only was the red suit one of my favourite items of clothing, but the launch was one of the best days I've ever had.

Sorry for rabbiting on !!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday UKS Prompt

Today's blog prompt is about friends and friendships: Do you have a true friend? What is a true friend, after all? Are you a good friend? Describe your friend(s) or perhaps need/wish for one. I found two quotes that might help: ‘Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things’ (Author Unknown) and ‘A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.’ (Grace Pulpit).

I consider myself to be a very lucky person. I have four true friends.

Firstly Angela - Ang was my brothers girlfriend for 10 years, and I just knew at the time that she would become my SIL. Things never worked out that way, but nevertheless, we remain best friends to this day.

Ang and her husband Tom are god parents to Aaron. During my pregnancy, Ang went through every sicky moment with me (believe me there were plenty), every moan, groan, push and shove - and when eventually my beautiful son was born, Ang and Tom were there waiting for us. Our joys were to be completed when six months later Ang gave birth to a DD and two years later to another DD.

I don't think there is anything that Ang doesn't know about me ... the good and the bad .... and the heaps of secrets ... all of which she holds close to her heart and would never reveal. She is my soul-mate, and I love her dearly.

Little Sue - she's been my longest standing friend. We've been through all sorts of trials and tribulations - our teens, 20's, 30's and now our 40's. We've gone through boyfriends, fiances, husbands and children. Sue has always been there for the good times and the bad times, with either a kindly word, or a bottle of wine to commiserate or celebrate !

Emily - is Emily. Salt of the earth, rough as a diamond, and a heart the size of the Universe. She's been there for me, and I know she always will.

Lianne - my newest best friend. I can't believe that I have only known Lianne for such a short time. Its as if she has always been in my life and was always meant to.

These words epitomise how I feel about my friendship with Lianne.

Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and ev'rything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

(Bette Midler)

Lianne is wise and wonderful, kind and caring and above all an honourable friend. She is a 'bestest friend', and my heart and life are more rewarded by her presence in both.

Lastly (I promise) ..... I have lots of other people in my life who I choose to call 'friend' .... My life has been blessed and fulfilled because of them. I like to think they are all 'best friends' because they allow little ole' me to be a part of their lives.

I love you all and thank you xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, September 21, 2006

UKS Blog Prompt .... plus more !!

What part does music play in your life? What’s your favourite kind of music? Do you listen to music/radio when you scrap? If so, what kind? How does music affect your mood ?

Music is such an important part of my life.

My dad was a musician, so from being a babe in arms, music has always enveloped my life.

I can remember going to band practiced with my Dad all the time as a child. He played in several bands, groups, quintets, quartets etc., but on this particular day, the practice was for the BIG Jazz Band.

Dad played the double bass, and from my position in the wings, I could only see his little smiley face. The band struck up. I stood the whole time with my mouth wide open. I had never heard anything like it. The hairs on my neck stood up .... they were playing Blue Moon. To this day, I am reduced to sobs when I hear it being played, and I can remember the sheer joy written across my fathers face as he concentrated on the music and took himself off to his seventh heaven.

I play piano and guitar, and when I started playing, Dad was there enouraging me along. We'd play duets together when entertaining friends and family - and my Nana in particular used to love listening to the two of us.

I love all music. From Trad Jazz and big band .... to Led Zepelin ... from Nina Simone .... to Pink. I just love music.

In the words of Barry Manilow .... "Music is my first love, and it will be my last".

(well apart from my Aaron, but thats another story altogether ... talking of which, the layout shown is one I've just recently completed .. The picture was taken during a football tournament Aaron was playing in. They'd lost all their games and were absolutely desolate when, low and behold, they won again ... I think this picture titled "How Did That Happen" shows their reaction !!!!!

Thanks for reading my deranged postings - it means a lot xx

Friday, September 15, 2006

Its started !!!!!!!

The bathroom. OMG my house is like a bombsite. We're only doing the one room, so how come my whole house looks like a bombsite ???

Typically, nothing going right. This IS the house that Jack built, and if I get my sodding hands on him, I swear to god I won't let go of his testicles until they're in my hot little hand ....

The builder went to take off ONE tile just to make sure there was just one tile underneath, but oh no, .... there was .... and another ..... and then plaster .. the next thing was, the whole wall of tiles came crashing down ! Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound ... he pulled two off the next wall ........ crash ! All four walls where the same - I mean, who in their right mind, would have 3 layers of tiles AND a layer of cement inbetween each one ???? There is one benefit tho - I'll have about 6 extra inches length in the bathroom !!!

A tad later on, the builder decided to have a wee poke at the ceiling and take the light down as we're dropping the ceiling a little and having a lovely false ceiling put in ......... well we were ......... still are I suppose ... but, as is typical in this house that jack built ... the ceiling came crashing down as well ... I could cry honestly.

The poor builder and co-builder left at 8 o'clock tonight - i really did feel sorry for them ... so now, my bathroom needs new walls AND a new 'real' ceiling before they can continue *insert woe is me smiley*

By the way, this isn't a poor quality photograph, the spots and fuzzyness is the dust, still falling, after the ceiling caved in !!!

Aaaaah well - i've only got a whole house to clean now - anyone for dust & chips for tea ????

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RIP Lynne

My celebrations about my friend Lynne coming round from being on life support have been short lived.

After only 1 day the hospital had to put her back onto life support because her body couldn't cope, and sadly she gave up her fight yesterday by having a massive heart attack.

I won't be able to say my final goodbyes due to being so poorly, and if I do recover by next Wednesday then I doubt school would be very happy with me if I took another day off.

I am therefore posting my goodbyes here.

I hope you're reading this Lynne because I want to thank you for all the deliriously, raucous happy times we've had - the laughs, which were bountiful and the wine, which was ever flowing.

Take care and Rest In Peace - Lynne has left the building. xx

Wednesday UKS Prompt ... and Ramblings ....

Wednesday UK Prompt

Are you a scrapbook evangelist? Do you want to convert your non-scrapper friends/families into scrapbookers? Do you try to find friends that scrapbook? If so, how? Do you show your pages to anyone who doesn't scrapbook?

I am always showing off my albums .. I take them into school to show the kids and staff ... I show them to all my friends ... although I do only have one friend who does actually scrapbooking (Lianne). I met Lianne thankfully through scrapbooking and she only lives 5 mins away which is a god send !!

Everyone who sees my albums likes the layouts i've done, or they are enthralled by the concept of scrapbooking as memory keepers.

I have however managed to convert my mum from a cardmaker/crafter into a scrapbooker and she's 72 !!! She is the one who really shows off my albums. In particular the one I made for her 70th Birthday which has pride of place on her coffee table, and which no-one can miss !!! She takes my albums to the local Hospice where she works, to Church (i've been asked to do a scrapbooking day the next time I have a spare day !! ) and to all her friends houses.

Fanks mum xx


Well the bathroom is being started on Friday. We're having the whole lot ripped out including the ceiling, floor .. the lot. I've been waiting for 2 years to have it done and now that the time is here, I'm dreading it. Will keep you up-to-date on the ongoing saga .... knowing me and my luck, thats what it will become.

There is a new window being put in on the Monday (different guy from who is doing the bathroom) so he will be here .... and then we're having the loft lagging finished on Friday ... so all in all three lots of workmen !! I've been and bought extra tea bags, coffee, sugar and biscuits ... and if they're very lucky, I might make em a buttie or two !!

I can't make a cake because the oven is still knackered from when I set it on fire - oh yes, and the company I bought it from are coming out on Tuesday to see to it !!!!

Its like that saying about buses .......

My throat is still really sore, in fact the family are rather happy today because my voice has almost gone *insert sad smiley* ... I just HAVE to feel better by Friday. I can't be doing with people traipsing all over the house when I'm not feeling well.

Ok moan over .......... thanks for reading !

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday UKS Blog Prompt

If you had to pick one person, who was alive right now and who you would not see again, who would you choose to spend an entire day with? What would you do? What would you talk about? How would it change/affect your life and your loved ones?

I think it would have to be my mum. Having already lost my dad 16 years ago, my biggest fear in life has been the death of my mum. I phone her at least 2/3 times a day 'just to check' that she's ok .. and I know I drive her nuts at times, but she now appreciates how I feel.

I would start the day at Mums house having a family breakfast with mum, my twin brother and his girlfriend, my husband and of course my Aaron.

After breakfast, we would all go to church. I have attended our church since Colin and I were christened there ... although now i've moved to Lancashire, my attendances there are far and few between. My mum however receives a great deal of fellowship from both the congregation and our two ministers Liz and Ian (two ministers were needed in the parish, and we were very fortunate to gain the services of a married couple who alternate the sunday service!!)

After church I would like us to all go down to New Brighton for a walk along the promenade and out towards Hoylake. This was also my dads favourite route for walking the dogs and is special to us all as a family.

We would then return home to one of mum's fandabeedozee Sunday lunches - preferably my mums beef - hmmmmmmm I can smell it now - can you ??

After lunch we would retire into the lounge and play board games ... with loads of cheating from Aaron and my brother Colin !!! I'd also like us to all go through my mums photograph albums and learn her history ... what she actually thought of events that changed her life .... who people are in the photographs etc., so that the memory of these people and my mum never die ... (thankfully I've now got her scrapbooking and most of these memories will be retained).

In the evening, we would go to The Grove House Hotel for a slap up dinner and get absolutely ratted - i've never in my whole life ever seen my mum 'tiddly' ... she's Scottish and was brought up on the adage that whisky is good for not only the soul, but for everything else including bumps, bruises, colds and fevers - my dad was always jealous that she could drink him under the table on the few occasions when mum would 'have a couple' !!

We would then return home to a damn fine bottle of champagne and I would thank her for being the mother she is. She isn't my friend ... she's more than that ... she's my mother, and although i've had more than my fair share of battles with her (and still do !!!) I want her last moments with me to be knowing that I love and respect her and that no matter where she is on this universe, that I will remember her.

*wipes tears*

Monday, September 11, 2006

Poorly Sick !!

Sorry I haven't updated for a few days, but i'm poorly sick with Tonsilitis and mild Bronchitis.

I HAD to go on a course this weekend to Southport for a Union educational course. I had to sit an exam on the Saturday for Literacy and one on the Sunday for Numeracy. I just soooooooo didn't wanna do them.

Anyway, I sat them both, coughed and spluttered my way through and passed thank god. Managed to crawl home and now i'm off work feeling like boiled poo.

Will update a much 'nicer and happier' post when I'm compus mentus again.

Thanks for reading - love to you all - xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fandabeedozee News & UKS Blog Prompt

UKS Blog Prompt

How has your scrapbooking (layouts, skills, attitude, likes/dislikes, etc.) changed or evolved since you started? If it hasn’t changed, should it? Has scrapbooking (or its evolution) impacted your life in any way? New friends? New experiences? New attitudes?

Wow - what a hooooooge question. My life has changed beyond all recognition !!!

My scrapping has certainly changed from when I started .... I used to try and cram too much onto the pages, whereas at the moment, I'm tending to scrap in a minimalist way .. I've also started using scrap maps and drawing my own enabling me to adapt a page before I actually scrap it. I was always scared before to make a faus pas .. but because I've also moved into altering ... it doesn't matter if I make a mistake because I can alter it !!!

I've made so many new friends, but more than anyone, I've met my bestest friend in the whole wide world Lianne. She brings so much pleasure into my life. There's heaps of other people I could also mention, but if I did, then knowing me I would leave someone out, and I would feel awful !!

My life really does centre around scrapping - i'm always looking at adverts, clothes, patterns, walkways, walls ... people etc etc etc looking for new ideas - i'm surprised I haven't been chinned so far !!!

Design Team

YAY !!!! I've succeeded in winning a place on the Scrapfairy design team. I'm absolutely overjoyed, and honestly never thought I would because there were some fabulous entries from really fabulous scrappers.


Despite having the most horrendous Tonsilitus and mild bronchitus, I'm away this weekend on a course for school but via the Union ... don't ask me to work it out because even i'm confused. All I know is that i'm going to be sitting a literacy exam tomorrow and a numeracy exam on Sunday and I have to pass some things in ICT ... so, I shall be back Sunday !

*** Have a fab weekend everyone xxxxxxxxx ***


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Blog Prompt

What are the five signs of you?When someone walks into your house how do they know without you saying anything that your at home? What things do you do that let people know your around? We all do it without thinking about it. Tell us what are yours.

1. Flowers - No matter how skint and on the bones of my arse I am, I love having flowers in the house even a bunch of daffs - and when I've really got a few bob to spare, I even have them in the bathroom.

2. Lack of ornaments. I hate them with a vengeance.

3. Lack of family pictures on walls. I can't stand this either. I have a few placed neatly on a coffee table under the window and bookcase, and thats it !

4. Crystal and mirrors. I adore crystal and mirrors. Apart from a cabinet full of crystal, I also have clocks, vases, picture frames and table lamps. I think its a feeling of light and space .... I love the colours produced when all the low lights and candles are switched on in the lounge !!

5. Son and hubby - they just fill the place and make it look untidy - now if I could hang them from the ceiling and just lower them as and when I need them, it would be perfect !!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Those of you who read this blog and know Joanne, please go to the following link ... thank you xx

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Most Unbelievable News !!!

My friend from home, 'Big Lynne' (she's tall) has been in a deliberate coma for a week. She was taken into hospital with pneumonia and deteriorated quickly, so the hospital put her into a sleep to help her cope. Last Friday my friend Sue phoned to say that she had been read the last rites, and I've been in a state ever since.

This evening I received a phone call from Sue to say that the hospital had been easing her off the medication in order to test her brain activity, and she literally just 'switched on' ... although she's still desperately poorly and doesn't know where she is, they are hopeful that as she can 'hold her own' then she will make a recovery.

Obviously, she will never be the person she was, but she's with us - and to me that counts for a helluva lot.

If you believe in a god, then please pray for my friend Big Lynne, and if you don't, then please send healing thoughts her way .. the power of prayer is bigger than us.

God bless you and heal you Lynne - I love you xxxxxxxx