Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year ....

Well, these are a couple of layouts for Scrappydos design team using 7 gypsies products, and lots of other added embellishments etc.
Happy New Year to everyone who calls in, I hope 2009 is kind to you and yours.

Well, we had a fantastic time in the South of France with my twin brother and his fiancee. We went to some fantastic places, and had a real hoot !! I'll post some photographs in a couple of days once I've had time to download em and sort them all out - last count there was over 300, but a load of them were rubbish. Thankfully, the ones of Father Christmas arriving on an iceberg into St Tropez harbour have turned, which considering the crowds of people, i'm most surprised about !!

Jeez - was it expensive there .. *insert shocked smiley* £27 for 4 coffees, 1 tea and coke !!
Anyway, it was all worth it, and a good time was had by everybody !

Oh, oh, oh ... did I mention that my brothers friends live next door to Johnny Depp ??? Whilst visiting Lisa and Evan, I excused myself to go for a cigarette and tried to crawl through the hedge - but it was too thick, so I tried to peep through, but the hedge was too thick ... so I climbed onto the roof of the pool room and slid off ... damned security grease ... In the end, the dogs gave me away by barking - little sods ... but hey=ho .. I can claim that I attempted to crawl through Johnny Depps hedge. Is this really the rational behaviour of a grown woman ??? Does it matter - its Johnny Depp !!!!!

Apparently he's there this week - now THATS sods law !

More photos to follow ................