Sunday, July 16, 2006

Strangulation Cont'd..... Sports Day ... Gnasher update .. and more ...

Strangulation of Pupil .... Cont/d...

I had an appointment on Friday morning to see the Deputy Head regarding the 'strangulation' attempt.

In the meantime, the mother of the child turned up to Awards Evening (thursday night) knowing that I would be there, and ready to have a go at me - the stupid woman. Anyway, I just wasn't in the mood for a fight or an argument so i left by the back door.

Saw Dep Head Friday morning, who said he knew all along what had happened, and had a statement from the child saying he'd ran into my hand .... he said the only reason i was sat in front of him is because the mother has kicked off about it, and he needed to get it clear in his head what had happened. We went and got the child concerned and all of us sat down and hat a chat about it ... the child was more interested in telling me all about the football trial he'd had and that he'd been selected ... when asked about 'the incident' ... he laughed and said "Sir, that was the other day ...." ................ I give up !!!!

Anyway, thats the end of the saga now. *insert smiley*

Sports Day

Oh yes, Sports day ... it was absolutely flipping fab .... my form won heaps and heaps of races and things ... well ........... we got a couple of 1st places, couple of 2nd and 3rd .. and a few last and in between places. We won in a different way though because we all worked as a team - and it was just fab ...

In picture 3, you can see the Mexican banner that the whole class made for the Banner Competition (yes, it is wearing my best sequins) .. In picture 1, you can see one of the boys winning their race and Picture 2 are .... See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil .... aka Jimmy, Andy and Simon .. they were representing Japan - s'not as if you can't tell !!

Gnasher Update !!

Gnasher had his first injection on Friday, and we're now allowed to take him out. First trip out was hysterical - we had to 'drag' him. Once he caught onto the idea that he could 'walk' with the lead on, he was like one of those dressage horses !! 2nd trip out was yesterday to Stewarts mum and dads with a stop at Tesco's. Tesco's was unbelievable .. 14 people stopped to say hello to HIM not me .... one couple asked me if i could find out from the breeder if they had any pups left ! Anyway, we got to Stewarts mum and dads house, and we let Gnasher go on their lawn ... again, he'd never walked on grass ... and he started doing the 'dressage' walk again ... all of us were crying laffing !!!

Anyway, another 3 weeks and he gets needle no. 2 ... and then its just the wait to get his 'knackers knackered' !!! Stewart can take him because I don't want him hating me after he's been 'done' !!!

Design Team

I've been selected for a design team - yay !!!!!!

After the disappointment of Canny closing, and therefore losing my place on the design team, I decided that I'd have one more attempt at a DT ... so I submitted some of my 'altered' bits and bobs to Lynn at Kraft Stop. Thankfully, I made it and I'm now part of the team.

Just hope I don't let them down. *insert worried smiley's*

Sad News

My fabulous Uncle Dave passed away early hours on Friday morning. He was the last of my dads brothers alive and his death has hit me enormously. Due to the fact that he died of industrial lung cancer, there is to be a post-mortem on Monday. Not sure when the funeral is yet because of the Post Mortem, but I bet you a £1 to a penny, that it will be on Friday my last day at school. I need to go to the funeral tho ... I need to say my goodbye's and thank you's. My Aunty Joyce and Uncle Dave never had a daughter, and whilst I was growing up, I always felt that I was a part of them which was lovely. My Aunty Joyce came in with my mum and I when I gave birth to Aaron as it just felt right that she should be there ... with Uncle Dave waiting quietly but anxiously outside. Thats just how it was when my dad died ... my Aunty Joyce with mum and me, and my quiet Uncle Dave waiting anxiously outside.

I hope that the brothers are all now together again - my dad, my Uncle Rom and now my Uncle Dave - have one for me lads !

Secondly, Liz Tew a friend of the family died. Liz, had been a great friend to me over the years, and although we didn't keep in touch when her and the family moved to Wales ... our mums were 'best friends' so we still had some sort of contact.

RIP Liz you will be sadly missed xxxx

Friday, July 07, 2006

Heart doo-dah thing, Strangulation of Pupil and Aims for Weekend !

Heart doo-dah thingymajigy thing

I went for my heart monitoring echo-gram type thingything for my heart today. The Technician isn't allowed to tell you a great deal ... but when I asked "will I live" .. he sort of grunted "you'll live". I am going to assume that as my appointment with the Specialist isn't for another 3 months, that nothing untoward has shown up and that I have a happy and healthy heart.

The very very nice cardiogram man when asked, took some pictures of my heart for me. I've given the collection to school, and have kept one picture to scrap (watch out for the LO) - It really is a fabulous photograph and shows the four chambers of my heart .... I've been all round school today showing the kids my heart - supporting my claims that I did NOT have a 'swinging brick' !!!!!

The 'accidental' Strangulation of a Pupil

I had the 'B' of all lessons today. I was covering a Tech class with a Year 7 form. It was doomed from the start; from the swearing and disruption, to the tipping of a bag - and a box - full of sequins, and the 'accidental' knocking over of 3 leaking containers of blue fabric dye ..... it was just a bloody nightmare. Anyway, managed to get control of the class and send out one kid for a brush and shovel (for the sequins, not the dead bodies) ... and six pupils ended up running off !

Lo and behold ... they all 'eventually' come running back, just as I'm running out of the class to see what the commotion is in the corridor ... anyway, i nearly collided with .. 'X' .... so I put my hand up quickly to stop the collision whereupon HE ran straight into MY hand.

'X' then went running off to inform the whole school and its wife, that I 'strangled' him !!!

Within minutes the door is thrown open and in walks an excuse for a Year 10 kid who comes bouncing into my class swearing and accusing me of 'strangling' her cousin !! Being mightily 'peed' off by this time, I said to her "....... and what ya gonna do about it". It was really quite strange the way she stopped in her tracks. I continued.... "so.... what ya gonna do ? punch me ? attack me ?" ........ so I stood there arms open ..... "go for it .. go on, go on".

Apparently, her 'bigger' cousin is coming to sort me out ... heh heh ...oooh i just can't wait !

It really has been a nightmare week for everyone in school - and a few of us have decided to start a survey as we are convinced that the pupils in our school are affected by full moons - this week has been a full moon week.

Thank god its Friday - YAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Aims for the Weekend

This week I have managed to get my CJ ready for UK Stampers (albeit I need to add the blank pages), and I've completed my July pages for the Calendar Journal i'm involved in with the 'old' Canny forum, which is now called The Craft Forum.

I haven't done any scrapping for oooh ......... ages ... in fact the last thing I scrapped was my page for the Scraplift Team challenge ...... I am determined that I am DEFINITELY goling to scrap this weekend !

I hope anyone reading these manic posts manages to complete something they want to complete, and has a fabulous weekend as well ! xx

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crap Interview, Heatwave, French footie shirts

Crap Interview

I had a garbage day yesterday.

I had an interview for a job in our Maths Department ... I'd worked all weekend on a presentation and slide show - I provided hand outs and heaps of ideas etc. etc. etc... Anyway, I didn't get the job because "I'd had too much time off the last 3 years" - over three years I've had tonsilitis which turned into bronchial pneumonia, then I had flu twice (first year in a new school, you catch allsorts) ... I'd had two weeks off because of Stewart, three weeks off with Aaron, Campylobactor (food poisoning) - 3 weeks off, and 3 weeks off because of the mini-strokes. I had sick notes for all the times I was off, excluding the time off with Aaron and Stewart ... and the time off with Stewart was agreed to by our Head.

I was soooooooo angry that I cried for hours and cried myself to sleep - i've waited 3 years to get into the Maths Department ... and had to quit my Maths Degree because I couldn't get to teach enough classes .....WHO got the job ?

The cleaner who's been working as a Teaching Assistant in our school for 6 months.

I am NOT joking. Words fail me.

*insert sad sobbing smiley*


Blurdy hell its hot !!!!!!!!!!!!

*insert sweating little smiley*

French Football Shirts

Colin my twin brother had asked us if we could have a look for a French football shirt for Delene's nephew in South Africa. Richard (Dels brother) and the little fella had come over to France on a quick business trip, and Dels nephew had fallen in love with the French football team.

Apparently, France has run out of their own football shirts AND the material to make anymore.

I wonder how many Frenchmen/women are flying over to the UK to visit JJB this week ?!!!!

*insert laughing smiley*