Monday, September 25, 2006

UKS Monday UKS Prompt

What is your favorite fashion accessory or clothing item that describes you? Do you have any fashion phobias or fashion pet hates? What do you wear when you want just comfort? What makes you feel at your very most attractive? Do you have a fashion lucky charm (for example, something you wear to a first interview)? Anything you wish you could wear but don't feel you can?

My favourite item of clothing EVER ... was a red suit I bought. I was going out with a Naval Officer at the time, and I was priviliged to be invited to the launch of one of the submarines being built at Birkenhead. Anyway, I had to have a day time outfit and an evening ball gown. The evening gown was easy because I hired one ... and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. The red suit however took more shopping for than the outfit I wore for my wedding - I knew it just had to be spot on.

I had shopped everywhere ... Liverpool, Chester, Manchester... you name it, I went there ... at least 10 times each ... anyway, it was nearing the date and I was panicking. I popped into Birkenhead for some stockings to wear with my ball gown, and happened to walk past Richard Shops ... something red took my eye. I walked in ... and there it was .... my god, I felt more like a woman than Shania Twain ....... I tried it on ....... OMG it was stunning ... I felt more royal than the Queen, and yet more sexy than Madonna. Get this .... my Aunty Isobel had the hat to match the outfit !!!!! I couldn't believe it !

On the day, I had to be at docks for 8 in the morning as we all had to be cleared by the Port Police, Naval Police and probably even the FBI ... The launch was incredible and actually quite moving seeing all the 'lads' in their uniforms. As we were walking back to the room where we had to meet before being 'coached' to the day time celebrations, a little lad came running up to me ... "Hey Mrs he shouted, Mrs ....." as I wasn't a Mrs at this time, I didn't think he was calling me ... "oi, you in the red". I stopped and turned around. This cute little face looked up at me adoringly ... "can I have your autograph?" I could have cried. I said to him "I'm not who you think I am" .... "Yes you are, you're a lady" ....

Well needless to say, I signed his book and I gave him the Order of Service from the launch.

Not only was the red suit one of my favourite items of clothing, but the launch was one of the best days I've ever had.

Sorry for rabbiting on !!!

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Jane said...

What a story! I think you must win the prize (if we gave one, that is) today! Thanks for blogging! JaneH