Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday UKS Blog Prompt

If you had to pick one person, who was alive right now and who you would not see again, who would you choose to spend an entire day with? What would you do? What would you talk about? How would it change/affect your life and your loved ones?

I think it would have to be my mum. Having already lost my dad 16 years ago, my biggest fear in life has been the death of my mum. I phone her at least 2/3 times a day 'just to check' that she's ok .. and I know I drive her nuts at times, but she now appreciates how I feel.

I would start the day at Mums house having a family breakfast with mum, my twin brother and his girlfriend, my husband and of course my Aaron.

After breakfast, we would all go to church. I have attended our church since Colin and I were christened there ... although now i've moved to Lancashire, my attendances there are far and few between. My mum however receives a great deal of fellowship from both the congregation and our two ministers Liz and Ian (two ministers were needed in the parish, and we were very fortunate to gain the services of a married couple who alternate the sunday service!!)

After church I would like us to all go down to New Brighton for a walk along the promenade and out towards Hoylake. This was also my dads favourite route for walking the dogs and is special to us all as a family.

We would then return home to one of mum's fandabeedozee Sunday lunches - preferably my mums beef - hmmmmmmm I can smell it now - can you ??

After lunch we would retire into the lounge and play board games ... with loads of cheating from Aaron and my brother Colin !!! I'd also like us to all go through my mums photograph albums and learn her history ... what she actually thought of events that changed her life .... who people are in the photographs etc., so that the memory of these people and my mum never die ... (thankfully I've now got her scrapbooking and most of these memories will be retained).

In the evening, we would go to The Grove House Hotel for a slap up dinner and get absolutely ratted - i've never in my whole life ever seen my mum 'tiddly' ... she's Scottish and was brought up on the adage that whisky is good for not only the soul, but for everything else including bumps, bruises, colds and fevers - my dad was always jealous that she could drink him under the table on the few occasions when mum would 'have a couple' !!

We would then return home to a damn fine bottle of champagne and I would thank her for being the mother she is. She isn't my friend ... she's more than that ... she's my mother, and although i've had more than my fair share of battles with her (and still do !!!) I want her last moments with me to be knowing that I love and respect her and that no matter where she is on this universe, that I will remember her.

*wipes tears*


Suz said...

Ooh thats so lovely, it brought tears to my eyes (which is quite embarrassing as Im at work and have snuck on!) xx

Digi said...

Awww Cal thats so loverly..still have a lump in my throat..not appropriate to shed a tear in front of the TV repair man!!