Sunday, March 29, 2009

++ For 'S' ++

RIP :(

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Layouts

Made these two layouts using the lush new Pink Shoebox papers (etc. etc.) from Sarahscards HERE
These papers are fab, and they really really mix well together. I love em !

Good Luck Monica ..... (stampin up candy)

With the new Stampin Up challenge blog - I'm sure it will be a great success xxxxxxxx

By the way, if anyone is reading this ... if you hop on over to STAMP WITH US there is a heap of stampin up candy being offered (above). xxxxxxx

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I don't believe I'm doing this .........

The wonderfully funny-but-slightly-demented Dyan from Art from the Heart tagged me from her blog ..... The idea being I had to take a photo of myself there and then. No brushing of hair or touching up of anything. Result - one photo taken of me at 6.30am this morning !!! *insert shocked smiley* NOW people know why I won't leave the house until I have my eyeliner and mascara on !!!
I now have to tag a few peeps ..... erm erm .... back in 2 ......

The lovely Maggie, who currently has some beautiful photographs of culzean castle on her blog, which just happens to be my most favourite place in the whole world. Its a great place to repair broken hearts. Maggie's blog is HERE

Secondly, the fantastically talented LISA Hetrick ... please spend a second looking at her fabulous work.

Thirdly, the lovely Julie aka scrappydandydo ... HERE
Fourthly, the gorgeous Gwyneth .. I love this woman to death. I reckon she's a trendy young hip-hoppy-type-gal-in-the-disguise-of-a-pensioner .... she's amazing, she does the most amazing work, and she is mad as a bloody hatter ! I love her !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Present Canvases

I painted this set of three canvases for my brothers wedding present. He did commission me to do a painting for him, but I figured these would be more appropriate. Each canvas is 3'x2' and are a lot larger than they look on the photo - click to enlarge it.

I must explain that he lives in a traditional French house, and these are (obviously) designed to go in his kitchen.

They were made by first priming the canvases. I then used a selection of medium to form a collage background (newspapers, paper tissue, cardboard). The canvases then were given another priming, and the vegetables roughly drawn on the canvas. I then dabbed on the background using a rough green and yellow cleaning sponge with different shades of green and yellow acrylic paints (mainly Claudine Hellmuth - her fabby blog is HERE ). I built up the layers over a few days. I then started on the vegetables themselves, again building up the layers.

I must state at this point, that I received help from our Head of Art Elaine who helped me build up the layers. I always want to go for pretty, but with this type of artwork, you need to use a 'flowy' painting technique. She also helped me with the lighting and shading, making sure I really made the vegetables 'pop' by using charcoal.

The completed canvases were given a final layer of glaze so that the charcoal wouldn't rub off.

I know these aren't to everyone's taste, but I don't think they're too bad for my first canvases !

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing ... and I mean amazing Weekend ... at

Art from the Heart !!! OMG it was amazing. I have learnt 40+ techniques using paints, inks, gel medium, gesso, the FAB FAB FAB Claudine Hellmuth paints (which are to die for) and the most amazing alternative for H20s/Pearl-ex/Pearl etc.... the Blonde Moments Minasie Pearl Pigments - wow, the effect they give is amazing.

Need to check with Dyan, but if its ok, I'll put some sample tags on my blog over the next few days.

Dyan is the most amazing teacher. You are on the go the whole time, and all the while, Dyan is giving you hints and tips in an easy to understand manner. I really did think I knew 'quite a bit' about inks and paints - but honestly, hand on heart, I knew nothing. This woman is a mine of information. What she doesn't know about these mediums isn't worth knowing. I was so impressed ... and if I am truthful - totally in awe.

Dyan isn't just a damn good teacher though, the inspiration all around the walls of her studio is breathtaking. Works of art are hung everywhere. Altered books of every type and description are on bookshelves all over. Cards and layouts are displayed everywhere ... and where there is space, the most amazing canvases you will ever see. It really is just like walking into a true artists workshop.

I am buzzing and feel fresh. I can wholeheartedly recommend these classes and workshops ... why not have a look at the up and coming classes HERE For me, this weekend of techniques although tiring, was worth every single penny ..... I have done a bit of begging for another weekend of techniques, so keep your eyes peeled.

On the off chance that you ever pop on here Dy .... thank you, you truly are an inspiration to us crafters..... and Jane - thanks for the wonderful hospitality - i've had a fabby time !!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Crop, Layouts etc..

I was at the fabby Warrington crop on Sunday. I love this crop so much, and there is always a scrum to get on the list for the following month - it is so worth the effort. Sarah and Lianne put so much effort into each crop, and it shows. We're all served drinks and goodies during the morning. Lunch is made for us, and then we get more drinks and pastries etc during the afternoon. No worrying about anything. We're just expected to scrap and enjoy ourselves, which we do by the bucket load. Perfect day eh ?!!

I can't remember all the papers etc... that I used on the above layouts, but some are from the new 3 Bugs ranges, and some are the new Pink Paislee papers together with embellishments from the same ranges - all from the fabby Sarahscards.
The adorable CathyC very kindly gave me some photos of her equally adorable granchildren (again) to scrap. Don't you think Olivia is sooooooooo photogenic ??
Talking of stash - I've been having a sort out. I'm starting a craft group at the local Community Centre near where I work, and decided I'd have a good sort out to help get us started, as we are literally trying to start the group with zero stash.
(Incidentally, if anyone has any stash of any description from papers to peel-offs, I will gratefully take it off your hands ....... please email me or PM me via UKS/SCS )
Anyway, it really got me thinking ... how do people use all their stash. If you buy a kit, do you just do one or two layouts and then put the kit away ? OR, do you use the whole kit straight away ? I've decided to challenge myself and use my kits to make layouts (maybe 2 or 3), then make cards with the leftovers ... and then, if there is anything left, to make ATCs or inchies until the whole lot has gone ! Does anyone else do this ?
OR - how about when you buy a new range of papers, but you have strips or whole sheets left that weren't quite right ... what about swapping with someone else to try something different ? Would it work ? These are just random thoughts, but I wonder if it could work with small groups .....

*goes off wondering and muttering*