Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday UKS Prompt ... and Ramblings ....

Wednesday UK Prompt

Are you a scrapbook evangelist? Do you want to convert your non-scrapper friends/families into scrapbookers? Do you try to find friends that scrapbook? If so, how? Do you show your pages to anyone who doesn't scrapbook?

I am always showing off my albums .. I take them into school to show the kids and staff ... I show them to all my friends ... although I do only have one friend who does actually scrapbooking (Lianne). I met Lianne thankfully through scrapbooking and she only lives 5 mins away which is a god send !!

Everyone who sees my albums likes the layouts i've done, or they are enthralled by the concept of scrapbooking as memory keepers.

I have however managed to convert my mum from a cardmaker/crafter into a scrapbooker and she's 72 !!! She is the one who really shows off my albums. In particular the one I made for her 70th Birthday which has pride of place on her coffee table, and which no-one can miss !!! She takes my albums to the local Hospice where she works, to Church (i've been asked to do a scrapbooking day the next time I have a spare day !! ) and to all her friends houses.

Fanks mum xx


Well the bathroom is being started on Friday. We're having the whole lot ripped out including the ceiling, floor .. the lot. I've been waiting for 2 years to have it done and now that the time is here, I'm dreading it. Will keep you up-to-date on the ongoing saga .... knowing me and my luck, thats what it will become.

There is a new window being put in on the Monday (different guy from who is doing the bathroom) so he will be here .... and then we're having the loft lagging finished on Friday ... so all in all three lots of workmen !! I've been and bought extra tea bags, coffee, sugar and biscuits ... and if they're very lucky, I might make em a buttie or two !!

I can't make a cake because the oven is still knackered from when I set it on fire - oh yes, and the company I bought it from are coming out on Tuesday to see to it !!!!

Its like that saying about buses .......

My throat is still really sore, in fact the family are rather happy today because my voice has almost gone *insert sad smiley* ... I just HAVE to feel better by Friday. I can't be doing with people traipsing all over the house when I'm not feeling well.

Ok moan over .......... thanks for reading !

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