Friday, May 18, 2007

RIP Denise

My friend Sue from 'home' phoned me on Wednesday night to inform me that yet another of my friends had passed away.

Denise was an alcoholic and had been for years. She was 38 and left two young children of 12 and 7.

In our single days, there used to be about 6 of us who would meet up on a Wednesday, go for a drink and then land at Sue's house and have a take-away. Our weekends would be spent drinking and nightclubbing.

However, once we were all married and/or had our children, we just kept up our Wednesday night 'dates'. Over time though, it was obvious that Denise had a problem. I won't go into details, this isn't the place, and I'm not sure I won't word it right, but I need to get things off my chest. Denise lost a great job, a wonderful husband who tried for years to help her, she lost her home and then she eventually lost her kids. Surely at some point, something would have 'registered' with her that something was wrong??? Surely something more could have been done. As friends we tried to talk to her about it, and she confessed that she knew she had a problem, but that it was under control. Eventually, she would just get nasty if you mentioned it.

The last time I remember seeing her, she looked like a tramp and stank of booze.

I wish to god I had given her a good shake then and tried to make her see sense. Even after being hospitalised on many occasions - she still carried on.

I just can't find a rhyme or reason to it .... I wish I had an answer.

I know now that she is at peace and rid of this wretched illness.

Love to you and yours xx

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I've been tagged .... again !!!!

..... by Bev ... so ........ 7 things about me ..... hmmmmmmmmm

1. I always try to see the funny side of things, which can often lead me into trouble.

One of my best mates 'Little Sue' had a fab budgie called Eric. He died. She told me. I was devastated for her because I knew how much Eric meant to her ... what did I do ? laugh .... I think it must be a nervous thing.

Its like when someone tells you bad news .. what do we say "nooooo you're kidding/joking/lying' ... I mean why do we say it ?? We know they're not kidding/joking/lyin ... but still we say it ...... mad or wot ???

2. I hate hate hate those green rubbery things ..... no no no not rubber washing up glovey things ...... what are they called ..erm ... erm ... advocados .. jeez they're 'orrible. They're green and rubber and gross - yeuch yeuch.

3. I appeared on daytime television 3 times. *shuts gob* *says no more*

4. I go to church - only occasionally, but I do go.

5. I talk a lot !!!!!!! Now, who never knew that ????? PML !!

6. I once stole a bus. *says no more*

7. I am a twin.

8..... this is a bonus one ......... I haven't got a clue who I am gonna tag .. but I'll come back and let ya know !

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Monday, May 07, 2007

What Year Do You Belong In ????

You Belong in 1993

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More UKS Cybercrop details ....

This is the challenge class that I was asked to design. I made two 'teapots' for the challenge - as you can see, one was painted, and the 'flowerpot' was decorated with blossoms and flowers ... and hundreds of brads !!

Hope you like ! xx

More News .....

I was asked by Rebecca at Rebeccas Scrapbooking Stash to do some altering work for her. These are two of the projects I made.

If the pictures come out ok, then the top photographs will show the altered cigar box made with yummy Dream Street papers, lil david hardware and blossoms .... and the purse underneath was made using Tim Holtz alcohol inks and stazon stamping. I'm going to use the purse to hold Prima's in and clip it to my tote !

I really enjoyed making these projects .. and Aaron has already claimed the cigar box for his teacher when he leaves school in July - although he's requested that it gets stuffed with chocolates .... one had to bite one's tongue to stop myself from telling him to 'get stuffed' !!!

UKS Cybercrop Weekend Win

UKS Cybercrop weekend was last week. I was very fortunate to be in the Clubs team ... and what a team we were, as we went on to win the competition !!! Go girls !!!

Anyway, I also amazingly won one of the Mystery Kit challenges along with three other very talented crafters, and this is what I made. For info (and my cousin Gill xx who reads my blog) you can only use whatever is in the kit and nothing else.

Its called Scrapology and its based on the game of Monopoly. Instead of buying the normal streets, you buy UKS sponsors shops and instead of buying the Utility companies, you can buy UKS forums !! There is a Community Chest and Chance ... and instead of getting sent to Jail you get sent to the Kitchen to do some housework !!

Hope you like the photographs.