Wednesday, September 27, 2006

'THE Bathroom', School and UKS Blog Prompt

UKS Blog Prompt

What’s your dream holiday destination? Why? What would you do on your holiday? How much time would you spend there? Who would you take with you?

South Africa. My twin brother Colin is getting married there at Christmas, and has invited us all to go over. Delene, his bride to be is South African, and her parents have a huge farm there. Its a 45 minute drive to the nearest small town, so you can imagine how desolate it is. When I say desolate, I don't mean dull and dreary or all brown and dry .... its a place of such beauty, that I couldn't even begin to describe the place.

Anyway, there's no way I can afford for the 3 of us to go over there ... its a couple of p (pennies) short of £4,000 plus we'd need spending money. We don't have to bother with presents though because my brother is a Sea Captain and Del is the Chef onboard, so they can't really have 'homey' things. No doubt when and if, they ever become permantly landed, then obviously I'd buy em something - don't want y'all thinking I'm a tight-arse or anything !!!!

My mum has just come back from a month away in South Africa with Del and Colin, and is absolutely raving about the place .... my brother has said that he would pay for our tickets, but I couldn't possibly go over there as poor as a church mouse, especially when its Christmas time ... anyway, once again i'm rambling and rabbiting ... anyway, South Africa, this Christmas is where I would like to be :)


Its finished - YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well all except the glass shelves and the loo roll, mirror, soap dish, toothy peg holder ... and the knob off the new shower. We bought the new shower over 2 years ago and when we unwrapped it yesterday, the flipping main knob was missing - can you believe this .... £20 for a new knob ..... OMG when did knobs become so expensive ??? AND..... £12 per sheet of toughened glass for the shelves .... AND £81 for special clippy things to hold on the bloody £12 per sheet glass shelves .... I tell ya ... i'm in the wrong game !!!

*investigates careers in glass ........ and knobs* !!!!!

School - includes strong language

Well where do I begin ... I had a wonderful 'saintly' sort of start to the day. Our RE Teacher wasn't in today, and I was asked to cover his lessons, which I didn't mind. BUT ... the lessons were about Muslim Courtship, Weddings and Divorce ... As our school has 60% Asian pupils, I thought to myself well this ain't gonna be a healthy debate .... anyway, as it turned out, the lessons all went brilliantly well. I learnt so much myself ... and the kids really enjoyed debating the different between Muslim and Christian weddings, divorce, courtship/relationships. I had to do four lessons on the same subject - and each one was different in their own way, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Then we get to this afternoon ..... with my own form. Well, I won't go into the dramatics of it all, but one kid in particular pushed all my RED buttons - which is lethal. I can take so much and then I blow ... but beyond blowing ... I go quiet, and thats when I'm dangerous.

This one kid gets away with murder, when he's in trouble he starts crying and shouting that 'it wasn't me, it wasn't me ... she/he is picking on me, it wasn't me' ... the louder he gets ... the more people believe him !!! It gets me sooo angry. Anyway, today was the icing on the cake ... so I reported him for his bad language ... he called me every 'mother fucker' going and continued with every swear word he could think of, but included 'fuck' or 'fucker' at the beginning and the end. As I say .......... enough was enough.

I went to see the year head at the end of the day .... I told him in no uncertain terms that if something wasn't done about him ... and properly done, then he would be handed my notice tomorrow morning. Thankfully, the child in question had also come to see the Year Head to tell him that he'd been getting picked on - Year Head brought him over and we tried to discuss the matter. Child once again, lost his rag ... stomped off calling me a heap of 'names' again ... but the last one was "fat mother fucker" ... and he shouted it right in front of the Deputy Head !!!

WOW - the gods were looking after me ... child has been suspended tomorrow pending an investigation ... so I have typed up the report of all reports to ensure this child is at least excluded for a week, but I'm pushing for permanent.

I'm not gloating - far from it - I work with these type of kids day in and day out, and it is my life-time challenge to help them and to change their lives - but this one kid is beyond help. No matter what I do or have done for him - I just can't break down his barriers. His mother was only 13 and put him up for adoption - and all his life, he has developed this hatred of women. It doesn't matter who the woman is, he hates em.

I have sadly concluded after 2 years, that he will only fully develop and make a headway in life under the influence of men. I feel I have let him down, but I am pleased that I understand why.

Thanks for reading this ..... if you have got this far, then I love you - Cal xx

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Anonymous said...

Hi...found your blog via Tina Smith (who just tagged you btw! LOL)

And wanted to say, you deserve a medal just for being willing to teach any teenager, let alone disrespectful gob****** like that kid. I am (but don't do at the mo) a Primary school teacher and although Year 6 are my favourite, I cannot abide the ones that are more hormonal and leary. Eeeeuuuuuww!! LOL

Poor kid though. You can understand his psychology but someone needs to get him into counselling!!!!