Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My baby's gone ..... to High School !!

Well today was Aaron's first day at High School. He was up early, excited and apprehensive. He was straight in the shower, dressed and ready for the off by near enough 7am !!!! He even ate his coco pops in his blazer - PML !!
I must confess to having sobbed my ickle heart out this morning ... and worried about him all day. Thankfully tho, he is home and hasn't been bullied, didn't get lost, met up with friends and ate a hearty lunch.
He has however, come home as a young man. His whole attitude seems to have changed in one day .... he took his uniform off as soon as he got home, prepared his school bag for tomorrow and has demanded his tea !!
I'm sure i've blinked and missed some of his important formative years ... where has the time gone ??? I love this boy so much that at times my heart could break. I have so many dreams and wishes for him - the main one being that he grows up confident and independent - yet how does he become these things if I don't cut off the apron strings or at least loosen them ?
Its hard being a parent - but I wouldn't have it any other way ...
Love to all you parents out there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Most Excellent News Update

The wonderful DC who has been working on our case has just phoned. They have arrested and charged our burglar. He is going to court this week.

It turns out that it was his first burglary offence. He left home after disagreements with his partner and ended up in a Salvation home. While there he got in with two 'burglars with a record' ... whilst wandering around the streets during the day - they spotted our empty house ... and decided to come back one night and rob the copper.

When they actually got in and realised there were all the boxes here - they thought it was all their birthday's and christmases rolled into one - and took OUR belongings instead. :(

As the Police only have evidence for the one burglar, they can only bring in the other two, question them and caution them because there is no conclusive evidence that they were here except from the word of the burglar.

They're going to seek compensation, however as the man arrested hasn't got two ha'pennies to rub together ... I won't hold my breath on getting it.

Our lovely DC did say though that he is absolutely full of remorse and will probably never burgle again .... thank god .... and the other two who committed the offence weren't even from this area, and were only here because there wasn't a Salvation Army place for them anywhere else. They've now been moved completely out of the area - but will definitely be questioned and cautioned.

Halleluya !!!!!!!!!! :lol: I want to jump from the rooftops !!!

I really can't say enough about the service and kindness we have had from the Rochdale Police force... everyone involved in our case - from the two constables who arrived here on the morning of the break-in up, the lady from Forensics and the DCs .... have all been so kind and professional.

I'm buzzing - absolutely blurdy buzzing ! I KNOW they won't be back ... and I can be happy and safe in my beautiful home !!! YAY !!!!!!!!!

Once again ... thank you to everyone for all your kindness, concern and thoughtfulness shown to Stewart, Aaron and myself - we can't ever thank you enough. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I promise, I won't mention any of this again .... i'm sure you're all bored stupid now ... in fact, I might even start my jokes again !!!!

"The Shrine"

Some photographs of Aaron's bedroom. Unfortunately, its pretty bleak outside, so the photographs haven't come out as bright as they should have.

The posters aren't all up yet ... and his 'touch' Anfield plaque still needs to be put up - but we're seriously considering having it put up on the staircase so that when we all walk down the stairs we can 'touch' it !!! :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I've done some work - yay !!!!

The layouts were made using the DT kit from Little Silver Hat ... I'm not a purple lover normally, but honestly ... I can't get enough of this kit - i've even been looking for more purple papers - which is just not me ! Lianne really does have a fab colour sense - she can combine colours that I wouldn't even dream of putting together. The quality of the ribbons is always exceptional - and Lianne offers a paper matching service - i mean how cool is that !!!!
The cards were made for Sarahscards. She very kindly asked me to 'guest' for her using her brand new released Card Kits. You have just got to check these out .... talk about great value for money - but not only that ... the kits are exciting and refreshing. The quality is typical for Sarah .. but believe me when I say - i've not used this type of quality blank card for a very long time. Included in the kit is heaps of 6x12 bazzill, 6x12 patterned paper (American Crafts - Play), 3-d foam, ribbons, buttons, flowers ... i can't remember what else - but i know that after making 15 cards, I still have stash left. I've tried not to 'add' anything to the cards from my own stash - but just show what is in the kit.
It really has been great crafting again ... I feel as if my life is now 'back to normal' and everything else is in the past.
The lovely Kezza from UKS very kindly sent me a heap of stamped Bella's for me to try out - wow, they're fabby !!! I have spent nearly 4 hours just sitting and painting ... and I feel well chilled out .... watch out for my Bella cards !! Thanks again Kerrie xxx
New School for my Boy
Well Aaron starts High School in in 3 days ... he is getting really excited. His uniform is ready .. all his shirts and trousers are pressed, we've bought new sox and boxers ... his blazaer and tie are waiting for him ...... and we've had to buy over £150 worth of shoes, trainers and footie boots because he's grown a size - again !!!!!!!!!!!
How does it happen ???? Why do feet grow without any warning .... when did shops stop selling half sizes ? I am going to bind his feet Chinese style so that he can't grow anymore.
At the beginning of this year, I swear he was a size 3 ..... he's now a size 5 - two sizes in one year ???? Is that normal ... has my boy got 'alien' feet .... I'm stressing over feet now ... his feet look enormous !!
However, on the bright side .. he takes the same size as me now - so I can borrow his 'hip and trendy' trainers and look as if I'm 'with it' !!!
Dya think at my age i'd get away with it ??? Mwah ha ha ha ha !
Catch y'all soon ........... hugs 'n' snogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx