Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RIP Lynne

My celebrations about my friend Lynne coming round from being on life support have been short lived.

After only 1 day the hospital had to put her back onto life support because her body couldn't cope, and sadly she gave up her fight yesterday by having a massive heart attack.

I won't be able to say my final goodbyes due to being so poorly, and if I do recover by next Wednesday then I doubt school would be very happy with me if I took another day off.

I am therefore posting my goodbyes here.

I hope you're reading this Lynne because I want to thank you for all the deliriously, raucous happy times we've had - the laughs, which were bountiful and the wine, which was ever flowing.

Take care and Rest In Peace - Lynne has left the building. xx


Kelly said...

so sorry to hear your sad news, sending you huge (((((hugs)))))

Lianne said...

So sorry to hear about Lynne, big (((((hugs))))) from me too,

Lianne xxx

Jane said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, but also struck by how many times (including with my own father) they seem to rally just before the end. Sending you some more hugs from me..... JaneH

Digi said...

Just giving you (((hugs))) Cal.

jaime girl said...

Carole...Im so sorry hunny,Im thinking of you at this sad time. Dont forget the Noobie Boobies are all here for you if you need someone to talk to and Im only a car ride away...You know where I am
Lots of love and hugs your way xxxx

oOcarrieOo said...

Cal - hugs from me too...
and I hope you are feeling better V.soon.


Galaxy Girl said...

prayers, and hugs (loads of em).