Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Blog Prompt

What are the five signs of you?When someone walks into your house how do they know without you saying anything that your at home? What things do you do that let people know your around? We all do it without thinking about it. Tell us what are yours.

1. Flowers - No matter how skint and on the bones of my arse I am, I love having flowers in the house even a bunch of daffs - and when I've really got a few bob to spare, I even have them in the bathroom.

2. Lack of ornaments. I hate them with a vengeance.

3. Lack of family pictures on walls. I can't stand this either. I have a few placed neatly on a coffee table under the window and bookcase, and thats it !

4. Crystal and mirrors. I adore crystal and mirrors. Apart from a cabinet full of crystal, I also have clocks, vases, picture frames and table lamps. I think its a feeling of light and space .... I love the colours produced when all the low lights and candles are switched on in the lounge !!

5. Son and hubby - they just fill the place and make it look untidy - now if I could hang them from the ceiling and just lower them as and when I need them, it would be perfect !!!!


scrapdolly said...

I love your number 5 LOL

Nigel would love your house - he hates ornaments too (sadly he has laregly lost that battle here LOL)

Lianne said...

Heehee, love the hanging from the ceiling idea, you should patent it!

Lianne xxx