Friday, September 08, 2006

Fandabeedozee News & UKS Blog Prompt

UKS Blog Prompt

How has your scrapbooking (layouts, skills, attitude, likes/dislikes, etc.) changed or evolved since you started? If it hasn’t changed, should it? Has scrapbooking (or its evolution) impacted your life in any way? New friends? New experiences? New attitudes?

Wow - what a hooooooge question. My life has changed beyond all recognition !!!

My scrapping has certainly changed from when I started .... I used to try and cram too much onto the pages, whereas at the moment, I'm tending to scrap in a minimalist way .. I've also started using scrap maps and drawing my own enabling me to adapt a page before I actually scrap it. I was always scared before to make a faus pas .. but because I've also moved into altering ... it doesn't matter if I make a mistake because I can alter it !!!

I've made so many new friends, but more than anyone, I've met my bestest friend in the whole wide world Lianne. She brings so much pleasure into my life. There's heaps of other people I could also mention, but if I did, then knowing me I would leave someone out, and I would feel awful !!

My life really does centre around scrapping - i'm always looking at adverts, clothes, patterns, walkways, walls ... people etc etc etc looking for new ideas - i'm surprised I haven't been chinned so far !!!

Design Team

YAY !!!! I've succeeded in winning a place on the Scrapfairy design team. I'm absolutely overjoyed, and honestly never thought I would because there were some fabulous entries from really fabulous scrappers.


Despite having the most horrendous Tonsilitus and mild bronchitus, I'm away this weekend on a course for school but via the Union ... don't ask me to work it out because even i'm confused. All I know is that i'm going to be sitting a literacy exam tomorrow and a numeracy exam on Sunday and I have to pass some things in ICT ... so, I shall be back Sunday !

*** Have a fab weekend everyone xxxxxxxxx ***


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Pam said...

Congratulations on your design team place- well done indeed.