Friday, September 29, 2006

I Feel Chocolate Sick .... and Friday's UKS prompt

I Feel Chocolate Sick

I've just eaten half a bag (a very large bag) of Minstrels - bleurgh, I feel sick.

The problem is, is that I'm not naturally a chocolate lover - but when I do fancy and therefore eat chocolate, it makes me sick and have the 'trots' !!! So why oh why, do I buy the flipping chocolate when I know whats gonna happen when I eat it ???

*feels really sicky now*

Friday's UKS Blog Prompt

What were your favourite subjects in school? (This can be at multiple stages, such as primary school through to university.) What do you still love to learn or study or read about? What do you wish you had learned or studied?

At school I loved English Language, English Literature, Maths (up until my 2nd year at High School - they sacked my Maths Teacher and I was devasted, so hated it after that), Geography and PE.

I have always had a love of reading - Stewart doesn't read anything except the daily 'rag' (not my choice of daily paper - but hey ho each to their own)... and I just don't understand how he can not read a book ????

I have at least 2 or 3 on the go at the same time ... and I pick one up depending on the mood I am in at the time - I just can't imagine my life without a book in my hand at some point during the day !!

I especially love reading at night when I go to bed - I always allow myself at least a half an hour read - and I still read even when I've had a 'couple' !!! Granted, one eye is shut whilst the other is open, but I do try !!!

I also adore Maths. Sick I know. I just love finding number patterns !!

Geography - Ironically, I always thought that I would be the 'twin' who travelled and went off to far flung places - Never in a million years did I think that Colin would end up being a Sea Captain ! I am so proud of his achievements though, and I love it when he comes home from a long trip and describes all the wonderful places he's been to, and all the wonderful sites he's seen.

He's even been to an island dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles, and was invited not only to tour the island, but to swim with the turtles in the sea - I would have loved to have done that.

Then there's PE ... At school, I was in every sports team going - ok, so there was only Netball and Hockey - but that was still every sports team !!!!. I was even the school's high jumper when I was at Primary School, coz I was one of the tallest - sooooooooooo excuse me, but what happened ... why am I now knee high to a grasshopper but at Primary school I was one of the tallest ????? I wish someone could explain that one to me !!!!!!

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jennyap said...

Laughing at your description of reading even after a couple, that's so me! In fact your whole view on reading sounds like me. Luckily I've managed to convert my hubby - I still read probably 3 books to one of his, but he does read at least.

And maths is great :)