Friday, September 15, 2006

Its started !!!!!!!

The bathroom. OMG my house is like a bombsite. We're only doing the one room, so how come my whole house looks like a bombsite ???

Typically, nothing going right. This IS the house that Jack built, and if I get my sodding hands on him, I swear to god I won't let go of his testicles until they're in my hot little hand ....

The builder went to take off ONE tile just to make sure there was just one tile underneath, but oh no, .... there was .... and another ..... and then plaster .. the next thing was, the whole wall of tiles came crashing down ! Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound ... he pulled two off the next wall ........ crash ! All four walls where the same - I mean, who in their right mind, would have 3 layers of tiles AND a layer of cement inbetween each one ???? There is one benefit tho - I'll have about 6 extra inches length in the bathroom !!!

A tad later on, the builder decided to have a wee poke at the ceiling and take the light down as we're dropping the ceiling a little and having a lovely false ceiling put in ......... well we were ......... still are I suppose ... but, as is typical in this house that jack built ... the ceiling came crashing down as well ... I could cry honestly.

The poor builder and co-builder left at 8 o'clock tonight - i really did feel sorry for them ... so now, my bathroom needs new walls AND a new 'real' ceiling before they can continue *insert woe is me smiley*

By the way, this isn't a poor quality photograph, the spots and fuzzyness is the dust, still falling, after the ceiling caved in !!!

Aaaaah well - i've only got a whole house to clean now - anyone for dust & chips for tea ????


oOcarrieOo said...

It's going to look so good when it's finished! Keep the picture of all new, clean straight lines in mind and you will get through this! :)
Our house was like this throughout the whole of downstairs - and when we revealed the stair wall it all had to be supported on stilts (and the landing) bacause the walls were just balancing on broken half bricks and newspaper - no mortar!

Galaxy Girl said...

Poor you, still keep in mind the bigger picture and you will get through. Look on the bright side, how often do women get an extra 6".


Anonymous said...

Dust, you say? Marjorie from Fat Fighters would be soo proud of you!.
Tina, but unless you upgrade to BloggerBeta I can't post as me! LOL