Friday, October 19, 2007

Ooops - bad bad Blogger !!

Seems I haven't blogged for a while !!!!

So much has gone on the last few weeks that I'm only just catching up on myself ..

I've had man flu ... yes it WAS man flu honestly ! Not that i've changed sex, or ever wish to god almighty what a thought ... eeek imagine have a 'man bit' nooooo yeuch, gross yicky !!! Anyway, I digress ... I had man flu for weeks and weeks and weeks - well 3 all in. What a bummer, I was good for nothing, missed out on heaps and more importantly missed out on the UKS 5th Biffday Party cybercrop. Thankfully tho its being run over 3 weekends, and I have now caught up with most of the classes and challenges - well those I knew I could get done quickly within the timeframe.

The two pictures above, are the Mystery Kit challenge and the Pre-crop challenge. The mystery kit is literally what it is. A pizza box full of stash and you have to make what you can with it - I made the wall hanging (sorry for the crap photo, but i'm struggling to get a good one of it) .........

The party shoes are my pre-crop challenge entry.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOTE FOR ME THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO .... I WON'T STOP YOU I PROMISE .. JUST GO TO UKS GALLERY AND SEARCH either for my name or for my team Jiggly Jellies and find me there !!! Thank you xxxxxxxx

Anyway ........... I am now driving myself mad by the amount of times I use the word anyway ... it is just sooooooooooooo annoying, I must stop it ....

Good news on the health front - my blood pressure has come down massively - well the top line has, the bottom one needs a bit more work - but at least i'm heading in the right direction.

Can't wait for the North West Breast Cancer booby crop tomorrow !!!! I am soooo excited. Cherry and Bevvie are, as we speak, driving up here now and of course chaos will reign upon their arrival. Stewart calls them the 'gruesome twosome' and Aaron is in a permanent state of shock the whole time they are here. They enliven and enrich my life so very much and I am so very lucky to have them as friends.

Well, thats about it for now ... could I ask that you all keep your 'things' crossed for Saturday as we have another viewer at the 'old' house and it would answer all my prayers if this buyer buys !!

REMEMBER: If at first you don't succeed, redefine success. :)

Love to you all xxxxxxxx (well whoever is reading this apart from me) !!