Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog hopping and Away with the Fairies !

I have been blog hopping this afternoon - and came upon the most fantastic blog ... wait until you see these creations - OMG - utterly fab fab fab ... here's the link to Lea Lawson's blog .. please just spend a minute looking, you won't be disappointed !

Anyway, I can't believe its less than two weeks until we all trek down to Oxford for the Away with the Fairies retreat.

Lianne and I were chatting about it tonight, and I was talking about how I will react when I actually get to meet one of my heroes Sir Tim - anyway, just i'm starting to buzz about Sir Tim, the phone goes and its Orlando !!! I had forgotten to send in my meal order for at the Hotel ... anyway, we chatted for ages about the retreat, and I was nearly peeing my pants - oh boy, I just cannot wait another 10 sleeps until I get there .......... well I will have to, but I really don't want to wait .... anyway, I'm sure I'll pee my pants by the time I get to meet the 'man' himself .... I have a feeling I will faint if he even says hello to me.

This really is a dream come true for me ... i've followed him for years and years (not stalking following, but following following if you know what i mean) .... never once thinking that I would ever get to take a class with him .... and here I am, little old me .... going to not only meet him but take a class with him - i'm gobsmacked. Honestly !!!!!!!!

Well, the layout above was made tonight while Lianne was here - for once we actually got some scrapping done instead of scoffing, drinking pop and laughing !

Take care everyone and don't forget to follow your dreams because you never know, one day they might come true. xx

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Nat xxx said...

Hello sweetie :) Love the LO - fab colour combination :) thanks for the blog link - some great stuff on there xxx