Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Most Excellent News - and Happy Valentines !

I have been selected to join the Angel Crafts Design Team !!!

I truly didn't think I would make the team especially looking at the galleries of everyone else who has been selected, but YAY !!! I did !!

Valentines Day

Well, here was me thinking that Stewart and I had agreed to not buy each other anything, and lo and behold this morning he presents me with a hoooge box of my fave Lindt chocolates AND ... a bottle of my fave champagne !! I was sooooooo chuffed ! Bless, i'll let him off doing no housework today ... and I'll even forgive him for not even doing the breakfast dishes !

Lianne and I toddled off to one of the many Retail Centre's in Manchester today with Sophie and Aaron. I couldn't believe it, but I managed to get some of the place/order holders to clip my happy flowers onto. I'll take a picture later and load them up ! Anyway, whilst we were there, Lianne decided to look for some 'wee' trainers for Sophiekins ..... As we were waiting for the Assistant to bring us some trainers, we spotted these humongous trainers - and I mean humongous !! They were absolute whoppers ! They looked like canoes ..... well we laughed and giggled at the size of them ... the Assistant came back, and he nearly died when I said to him "is it true what they say about big feet because if it is, I bet fellas who were these shoes have their 'doodahs' strapped to their legs ! Said Assistant howled with laughter and was still giggling as we were leaving ... but honestly - you have never seen a pair of shoes in your life as big as what these ones were ........... again, i'll load a picture of them later !

Anyway - love and kisses to you all on this most wonderful-lest of Valentines Days xxxxxxx


Pam said...

congratulations carole- well deserved too.

Angela said...

So glad to have you, welcome to the team!!

~*Gems*~ said...

Congratulations on making the design team! :o) That really is great news.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's day xxx

Kelly said...

loving the new look blog and congrats on dt place cant wait to see your fabby work

Roz Roz said...

Yahoo, teamy's we remain, yahoo. Massive Congrats to you Carole. You so deserved your slot.

Nat xxx said...

Congratulations Cal :D xxx