Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday UKS Blog

Prompt supplied by the luvverly Mandy.

What 5 thinks currently make you happy ?


1. My new One Heart ... One Mind - Metropolitan papers - wow are these lush papers or what ???

Thank you to my lubberly lubberly mate Lianne for surprising me with them xx

2. Fags - I couldn't live without one at the moment, i'm stressed to the max.

3. Surprise bottle of wine my luvverly hubby bought for me today, which is currently chilling in the frige.

4. My most-luvverliest Heir Apparent ... he just says the most thoughtful things when I need a boost. He makes me laugh, makes me smile, and reminds me why life is good, even when its not !

5. The fantastically, incredibliest, scrummiest, delishushiestliest ribbons from Little Silver Hat - wow wow wow .... am I impressed or what ....

Well, i've just read this list back... and it makes me sound like a really shallow person ... but sitting here right now, this second .. they're what makeme happy.

Update on Boiler

Thats the heating boiler not a bunny boiler.

There isn't an update. Its knackered. Kapoosh. Gone.

I'm sitting here naked while I'm typing this ... ok then ... i'm half undressed coz i'm waiting for the water to heat for a baff .... honest to god, this is no joke ... family are moaning coz i've opened the front door and put it on the latch, and the back door is WIDE WIDE open ... its cold, raining and horrible ... and i'm half naked .... *will say no more* I want a boiler !!!!

Plumber-type-company phoned Stewart today - they'll be there in 2/3 weeks - 2/3 week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told them we had no hot water and no heating - 2/3 weeks - what a joke !!!!

Its probably my fault for telling one of those 'white lies' that I hate other people telling ..... *insert woe is me smiley* *again*

Scrapbooking things ......

I've done two DT layouts, one tag book and a card ... need to do more, so will try and get another LO done tonight.... I have promised myself


I'm four weeks behind in my work and can't find my file ... i'm in deep doo doo because I HAVE to go on Thursday *insert another woe is me smiley*


I have none.

Thanks for reading- love you all loads - Cal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Anonymous said...

Cal you do make me laugh, you're not shallow at all, all those things were very important and lovely, esp the papers and ribbons! LOL