Monday, October 02, 2006

Moving Up .. CJ's ...... etc.etc.

Jeez - i'm worrying myself sick about what High School to send Aaron to. After much debate, Stewart and I have decided to leave the decision to Aaron. It seems that some of his friends are going to either one of two schools. One of them, I wouldn't have chosen, and went to Open Evening with very negative thoughts.

However, I was pleasantly surprised - in fact, I was really impressed. Of course I gave each department the 3rd degree and in most instances, they were happy to show me their past exam figures and also their Short and Long Term plans - believe me, there's not a lot of schools who would do that.

Anyway, we're visiting the second school on Thursday - which is the one I really would love him to go to but, we're out of the area *insert sad smiley* - so we'll have to see how it goes.


I've just finished my entry for Kyms CJ (stamp galaxy) via the UKSTampers forum. Can't say too much, but the title of her CJ is Objects of Desire - bearing in mind, i'm feeling really fed up and miserable at the moment, sadly I think my entry has reflected that - although I really love the work that i' ve done - am I going mad or wot ??


Our boiler isn't working - we can only get hot water if we put the heating on, and as i'm having hot flushes at the moment, its not helping having a hot house !!! I could grow banana trees in here !!!

After a visit from the Heating Engineer yesterday (an emergency visit), it became apparent that the flipping thing is knackered. We could spend about £100 plus labour (god knows what that will be) ... and it still might not be repaired - or we can go for a new boiler ....

How come when we think we're getting somewhere, something else goes wrong ???

I'm well cheesed off !


Anonymous said...

i have to laugh at the hot flushes as you know I'm now having them myself and so far I think we've saved a fortune on our heating bills since my op!! My HRT seems to do everything but stop the hot flushes! LOL

Hope you get your heating sorted out soon.

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