Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bugger ... forgot to Update ... here we go ......


Well we went to visit the 2nd of schools on Aarons list - and the one that I really, really, really would like him to go to. Yes, they're strict (love it), yes their exam results are incredible (love it) and yes they have accelerated learning (love it even more). It means that if Aaron is capable, then he will sit his GCSE's a year early and then the following year he will sit his AS's.

I am truly desperate to get him in there, the reputation of the school is fantastic, so I was prepared to be overwhelmed by the school ... well College as its called. I was however, surprised by how 'homely' the school felt - especially when I walked down one particular corridor - it was really freaky but this feeling washed over me ... and it felt comforting and homely ??!! I am hoping it was a very good vibe !! So fingers crossed all you Bloggers !!!


Its being finished tomorrow - YAY !!!! Lianne has kindly said that she will come up and take some photographs during the week - so keep your eyes peeled for bathroom photos !!!

Bits and Bobs ....

I haven't spoke to my friend from 'home' Angela for months and months. When I lived back 'home' we were inseperable even though she's married with two beautiful daughters. She's a soul mate .. you know the type, it doesn't matter what you say or do, they're your friend because they love and care for you. Well as I've said, for one reason and another ... we've not spoken for over two months.

I had a really 'orrible dream about Angela last night, and I was that upset by it, that I promised myself to phone her today. I was up early because I was still upset about the dream ... and I clock watched until 10 o'clock and then phoned. We were on the phone for hours and it was as if I'd only spoken to her yesterday - isn't that just the great thing about friendship .... no matter what happens - your friends are always there.

Say aya to great friendships - AYE !!!!!!!!

Drawers - not knickers !!!!

Stewart is 'trying' to build some drawers from a flat pack for my 12x12 papers - he's already stabbed the screwdriver through his hand ... and he's currently swearing his head off in the other room .... I think i'll stay safely ensconsed on my poot until he's managed to complete the task !!!!! Men and flat packs - they just don't go together !!!

Thanks for reading - i hope you all have a fabby weekend xxxxxxx


Jenga said...

Good luck with the school.

REAL friends are the best - I am lucky enough to have 4 - best friends from college until our last breaths.

Lianne said...

So glad you spoke to Angela, bet you feel loads better now :)

Hehe, sounds like Stewart's having fun!

Lianne xxx