Friday, October 13, 2006

*** TGIF ***

Thank god its Friday !!

I'm full of cold and feeling sorry for myself :( I hate, hate, hate being ill :(

We had a chippy for tea, because I couldn't be bothered cooking, and I can't say I particularly liked it coz I just wasn't in the mood ... I shouldn't have had anything really ... thinking about it on reflection ... never mind :(

Design Team

Phew - I've completed all my projects for Little Silver Hat and Scrapfairies DTs. They're photographed and sent - will add them to my slide when decides that it likes me again and decides to let me add and delete my photographs :(

Birthday and Christmas :(

Aaron has just given me his Birthday and Christmas list - I think i'll run away now .......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Hang on .................... its my Birthday before his .... maybe I'll stay long enough to get any presents and then do a runner.

Birthday's are a funny old thing. Your nearest and dearest ask you what you want, and then they buy you something totally random !!! One of my ex's once bought me a whore (got to be said in scouse accent - who-er) red bedtime shawl - I mean wtf was all that about ?????? I asked him, and he said 'well you said you like red' .... erm ... hellloooooooo .... I mean sexy red underwear, or a nice red dress/blouse/pj's ... NOT an old ladies bedtime sodding shawl !!!

My mother once bought me a Kenwood Chef mixer - helllooooooo I don't bake !

And my hubby always buys me CD's .... helloooooooo I have limewire, why would I actually want someone to PAY for CD's for me ???

I must have "Buy her crap presents" stamped all over my head !!!!!

Please understand that I'm not ungrateful ... far from it ... I'd be quite happy with £2 worth of beautiful patterned papers .... or even a sheet of alpha's ... or £2 worth of lush ribbons .... ...... see, i'm not that hard to please.

Anyway, as ones Birthday is looming ... I will keep all you millions of Hysteri-cal blog readers posted !!!!

Dont you ever wish that you were a famous crafter/scrapper/whatever ... and millions of people read your Blog ?? Aaaah well ... i'm grateful, well more than grateful ... in fact, I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL ... to those who read, but more importantly post here - thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx


Galaxy Girl said...

I read it darling, and it has just had me in stiches. {{hugs}} hope you better soon, wrap up warm in your fetching red granny shawl!


Anonymous said...

I read it Cal it always makes me laugh ,perhaps we readers should comment more often.
Take care
Denise xx

Deborah Duck said...

I read you sweetie. There is a countr thing you can put on to see how many people, and where from, who read your blog (that was pants English, but YKWIM!).

My MIL is the queeeeeeen of crap presents. She buys me size 24 knickers from M&S, now I'm a big girl, but not quite a 24 yet, and a size 14 white cardigan with a big fur thing around the neck from Tescos, which has never seen the light of day since.

I think that crafters are the easiest people in the world to buy for, as you say, a couple of sheets of paper, and some ribbon - sorted - you'll be their best friend for life.

Kelly said...

hi hun, i tried contacting you the other day but its bounced back so im going to pm via uks :) hope you had a nice weekend xxx