Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its not funny anymore .....

Having a cold/cough/flu .......

Since having my hysterectomy, every time I cough or laugh, I 'slightly' 'pee' myself ... I mean I normally PML ... all the time .. but I do literally PM !!

Since having my latest 'cold/flu/virus/'whatever' I've been peeing myself silly - and i'm now fed up with it *insert sad sad smiley*

HOWEVER ......... this is nothing compared to the amount of tablets I am now taking ... My mother .. who does NOT believe in 'hokey pokey' (alternative) medicine has sent me Selenium tablets to take "to build up my immune system" ...... my MIL has now sent ... garlic capsules (only to be taken at night) and echinacea (sp) (three to start with and one a day when i feel better) ... and thats without my Night Nurse (at night - obviously) and all my heart tablets (of a night only - 1 with food, 2 without food ) !!

Now those who know me, know that I love rocking, rolling and rattling ... but I swear to god (yet again) .. that I am absolutely rattling ... you can hear me 100 miles away ... I am awash with tablets - i HATE HATE HATE tablets ... I feel like a hypochondriac (sp - again) ... with all this excessive tablet taking :(

I don't wanna to be ill, I don't wanna be an invalid - and I don't wanna be full of hocus pocus tablets ...... and more than anything, i don't wanna rattle !!!!!!!!

*insert woe is me smiley*

I am well and truly fed up and p'd off.


Deborah Duck said...

To look on the positive side however ... you are still here to have wet knickers and take tumps of tablets each day!

Hysteri-CAL said...

PML - oh debbie duck, you have really made me laugh !!! :)