Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Blog ......

If you could change places with someone (be they dead or alive, famous or not) for one day, who would it be and why?

Marilyn Monroe - I was born to be Marilyn Monroe ... in fact, there's a little Marilyn Monroe bursting to get out of me ... its just such a shame that she's hidden behind all this flab .... but she'll emerge one day .... honest !!!

Bathroom - yes, the ongoing saga

The glass we ordered for the shelves was too blurdy big - because its reinforced/strengthened/whatever-you-call-it ... the glazier reckons you can't trim it down, so we've had to re-order it *boo hoo damn and blast* ... It means that my THREE glass shelves have now cost in the region of £130 (including the brackets) .... but my beautiful new towels and matching shower curtains match fabulously well ... and no-one but no-one is allowed to touch the white and cornflower blue ones .... its death if they do - and i'm serious !!!


I taught one of the best ever Geography classes today - it went brilliantly - and I am tooting my own trumpet and saying even I surpassed myself. Welllll at the end of the day, if I don't toot myself, no bugger else will.

Aaron aka Heir Apparent - growing up etc.

Well my Heir Apparent went for his taster day at his chosen High School. I never slept all night, and the bloody bugger didn't kiss me goodbye ... even though I let him stay school dinners for the day/woke him up/pressed his uniform twice/found all his pens, pencils etc/and picked up all his mates ..... THEN when Stewart dropped em all off, my Heir Apparent didn't even turn around/wave/anything !!! *insert sobbing smiley*

I got to school, got in the staff room and broke my heart crying - dear god, no-one told me how hard it is to start letting go .... I DON'T WANNA LET GO .... I want my baby back .... I'm crap at all this 'give em enough rope' 'let go of the apron string' .... I'm a mum, I love being a mum, my boy is my life .... Somebody slap me - please !!!! Its horrible, awful and downright gut wrenching. I love this boy so much, and I don't want anything awful to happen to him ... so how do I let go ????? Where's the manual telling me how to do it eh ? eh ?

Ok, thats my whinge for the day xxxxxxx


Kelly said...

sending you lots of hugs for Aaron and you must post a piccie of finished bathroom it sounds like its going to be lovely xxx

Anonymous said...

I know just hw you feel Cal,mine is 37 & I still feel the same if he lived at home I think I would lock him in & not let him out !!!!!!
Take care
Denise xx