Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday UKS Prompt

Five things that really peeve you off ..... oh, this should be sooooo easy for me !

1. 'Lifted' ahem ....pinched from Rebecca, but nevertheless its one of the things that really cheese me off ... People who do not indicate ... I mean WTF ?? why ? whats the sense ? When someone smashes into your arse-end, what are you going to write on your claim form? And don't get me on people who 'cut me up' Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

2. People who don't put things away ... why oh why do people, take the milk out of the fridge, make a cup of tea and then walk away ?? Uh ?? It just doesn't make sense to me - Stewart is forever taking things out and not putting them back. He'll take out the Argos book, bring it into the kitchen to read it on the kitchen table and then just walk away - why ????? Grrrrrrrrrrr !

3. Liars - I can't bear people who lie and white lies drive me even more insane, because there's no need for them ... mind you, it might be that I'm jealous because I can't lie for love nor money - you can tell in my eyes if I'm lying, because they tell everything - my eyes are very definitely my soul ! Grrrrrr !

4. Common courtesy - what happened to it ? Don't people teach their kids about courtesy anymore ? I will NOT give anything, lend anything or do anything unless it comes with a please and thank you. I hate bad manners - sorry, but another Grrrrrrrrrrrr !

5. Bullies - just the word speaks for itself. In school, I come down hard on bullies and I take no prisoners. Even in adult life - I hate bullying companies, banks who bully you into taking out loans you can't afford, bullying advertising campaigns ... you're a crap mother if you don't buy your child this or that ... it is all a form of bullying - and people need to start complaining.

If you get ship loads of junk mail - take your details off and mail it back - simple - they'll soon stop when their postage costs increase !!!

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4kidsat147 said...

I can see at least 2 pinched there. LOL

Agree with them all hun....just had to list 5 Hehe