Thursday, September 28, 2006

UKS Blog Prompt - Thursday

Dreams, goals, fantasies, whatever you call them: Describe FIVE things you’d like to accomplish in your (future) lifetime. How do you plan to do them? What are you doing today to prepare for/do each of them?

I suppose most of my hopes and dreams are centred around Aaron.

1. I HOPE that I can start letting go of the apron strings a little bit with Aaron. It scares me so much to think of him growing up and going into the big wide world. He is my reason for being - and sadly only having the one, I find it harder than my friends to let go .... I am getting better tho !!

2. My next HOPE is that Aaron selects the right High School for himself. At the moment its between two schools - both of which some of his friends will be going to. He's been to the first one tonight, and he is well impressed. I really want him to go to the second one that we will be seeing next week, because their academic achievements are a lot higher than the school we visited tonight, and they are much higher up the league table.

However, I did a great deal of soul searching and have made a pact with myself and Stewart, that it will be Aaron's choice. He's a gifted child, and I hope that he will succeed whichever school he chooses. I'll update my Blog next week after visiting the second choice !!

3. I HOPE that Aaron will continue his education and go to University. I screwed up my school life and only took my qualifications once I had left school and realised what HUGE mistakes I had made. I did eventually go on to do my Maths Foundation degree, but I never followed it up. I HOPE he will have the good sense to learn from my mistakes.

I have tried to instill in him that he can be and do anything he wants - but that it is only him who can put the effort in - and only him who can fulfill his own dreams.

4. I DREAM that someone can come up with a cure for my luvverly Husband Stewarts bad back. He does have good days - but during the cold autumn and winter months, he really suffers and I could cry for him.

5. Lastly, one lickle itty bitty HOPE for myself - I HOPE that I have the willpower to give up smoking, lose weight, exercise more and improve the condition of my sadly depleting little old heart. I want my 30 year old heart back - PLEASE !!!! I promise I will look after it much better than I have previously done. I dread a lifetime of taking tablets - I hate em !!!

If I could have one major HOPE or DREAM, it would be for world peace. For everyone to be more considerate to other people's cultures and faiths, and for people to be more giving and forgiving.

End of sermon. xx

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Celfyddydau said...

These are great things to hope and dream about and very unselfish.