Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whoops ....... forgot to update !

See i'm just not used to all this updating palava ... anyway....

End of Term

Was two weeks ago now *insert laughing smiley* and I still haven't had a second to myself yet !

Loft, lagging and lights

We didn't have a loft - we have one now. We didn't have any lagging, we've now got some. We didn't have lights into a loft, we've now got one.....

We did have a fab walk-in wardrobe, which I 'somehow' managed to stuff full of ahem .. my clothes and crafting gear ... and then 'shoved' everything else into there as and when required.... anyway, because its illegal NOT to have a loft - we've now got one !

So, while Aaron has been away in Scotland with mum (thats another story), Stewart and I have been busy sorting, storing and chucking away .... NOT MY CRAFT STASH btw, but clothes and carpy toys etc. etc..... What was left has gone into the new loft !!! Its Grrrrrrreat ! I can store all the carp I want and have heaps and tons of room in the walk-in wardrobe for all my 'spare' stashand stash that needs hiding for a little while until it becomes 'integrated' into my usual stash *insert dodgy smiley* ... anyway, the loft is done YAY !!!!!!!!!!!


MIL and FIL have treated us to a new microwave - well actually its a microwave and grill - which means I'm not gonna be able to use it .... it means its technical, and I don't do technical. I can master a microwave .. but why try and confuse me with a grill as well - what on earth is steamed AND grilled bacon gonna taste like ?? Will my bacon go crispy ? I've got a 'george' ... and I don't want to retire him ... Right, as I don't 'do' instructions, i'll have to wait until Stewart works it all out and then 'lectures' me how to use it !!

Actually, its really nice posh and shiny, as in its chrome ... posh or wot ?!!! *insert happy smiley*

UKS Cybercrop

Its summer cyber crop time !! I spent a fab day today at Lianne's with her and her sister Elise. I managed to complete the double layout (above i think). I had wanted to complete another double layout tonight when I got home, but typically, my printer has now busted. *insert sobbing smiley* It means i'm stuffed, because if its not the cartridge then its technical, and as we all know ... i don't do technical !!

Aaron and Mother

Mother once again managed to 'persuade' me to allow her to take Aaron on holiday up to Scotland. From the nightly phone call that I insisted upon (and which mother reluctantly agreed to) ... it sounds like they're both have a fabulous time, but I WANT MY BOY BACK !!!! I miss him ..... I know i'm odd, but I really do enjoy spending time with my lovely lad. *insert sobbing smiley* Aaaah well, he's back on Sunday, and no doubt by Monday he'll be pecking my head telling me he's 'bored' and 'what are we gonna do today' !!! Such is life eh ?!!!

Love 'n' stuff - Cal xxxxx

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Annie said...

Well just lookit who I found when I was searching on altered clocks. Might have known I would happen on the blog of arch alterer extraordinaire!!