Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prodigal Returns and the Loft ....


YAY !!!! My boy is home ... phew ! Apparently he had a great time and has been spoilt rotten, but at least he is home, and we've brought his best friend from 'home' back with us .... Matthew. Three days in and all is going great, i've hardly seen em, although I have been a very good 'mum' and took them out every day. Today we went to the park and took our Gnasher with us on the elongated lead. He was actually really good, and during our time there he came face to face with a fifteen week old Rottweiller. They were both really good together, but Gnasher got bored and decided to jump in there with a nip to 'Vince's' nose ! Brave little sod - I bet he wouldn't do it again if we bump into Vince in six months time !!


Loft has now been sorted - YAY !!! I can store and hide things away now ! We've had a massive and I mean, massive clear out .. and what was left, went up in the loft ... I can't believe how gorgeous upstairs now looks ... I can see my rocking chair !!! *insert happy smiley*


Ok, i'm getting used to it ... bacon and mushrooms are devine in it, and I love it because I can switch it on and walk away and not have to worry about setting the grill pan on fire !!! Have I ever mentioned about the time I set my mums kitchen on fire when I was cooking bacon ? I was erm ... 40 at the time fact, I don't think i'll carry on with this story !


Has now lost 8lb at Slimmers World. I have gained 2lb ... work that one out someone !! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

*wonders if it could have been the McDonalds last week*

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