Sunday, August 20, 2006

Daily Blog - its now Sunday - Ooops - Fridays !!

We have to advise ourselves of 5 things we wish we'd have known at 14 ..... or something similar to that ... (can't find the thread now - poo and pants)....

1. Its allowed to say no ... to all sorts of things.
2. You don't HAVE to do what your friends do.
3. Its ok to be different - in fact its fantastic.
4. My view WILL change on things.
5. Stand up for the under dog more.
6. Looks DO NOT matter.
7. You get what you work hard for. You get nowt for owt.

ok ... so i'm rabbiting ....... done !!!


oOcarrieOo said...

Sorry Cal - I tagged you again!
See my Blog for the Q's...


Hysteri-CAL said...

Going to do it now !!!