Monday, August 21, 2006

UKS Monday Blog Prompt

What does your name mean ?

Gender: Female
Origin: Old French
Meaning: Melody, Song

I suppose it is quite 'me' really as I'm always walking around singing or whistling ... much to the shame of Stewart and Aaron !!

My nickname is Cal ..... I absolutely hate Caz - yeuch, gross, orrible.

Colin and Del have arrived

Well actually they arrived last night. We had dinner and then sat around drinking copious amounts/bottles/glasses of wine ... and then fell into bed.


We all went to the Manchester Science Museum for a mooch around ... Col and Del were well impressed with the place, and I must be honest, it it one of those museums where you find something new or different every time you visit.

Went to the pub for a pub lunch. Home ... had dinner .. am now drinking more copious amounts of wine .... *insert happy very happy smiley*

Hope all who are reading this are as very merry as me .... !!

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