Sunday, August 20, 2006

Massive thanks to Natbag (UKS) !!!!!

Massive thank you's to Natalie - Natbag on UKS for sorting out my blog ...

She's spent days sorting out my banner and scrolly-screeny-picture-dooh-dah-thingy ... I've driven her round the bend and back !!!!

I hate being un-techy on things and feel so stupid, but Nat never once made me feel daft - so a million thank you's - you truly are a techy-angel !!!! Oh, and she's on my DT as well which helps !!!!

Heaps of hugs and snogs Nat xxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

oOcarrieOo said...

Blog lookin' good Cal!

Picture not how I imagined you to look like!

You had shorter dark hair in my head!!! lol ???????????????????