Friday, July 07, 2006

Heart doo-dah thing, Strangulation of Pupil and Aims for Weekend !

Heart doo-dah thingymajigy thing

I went for my heart monitoring echo-gram type thingything for my heart today. The Technician isn't allowed to tell you a great deal ... but when I asked "will I live" .. he sort of grunted "you'll live". I am going to assume that as my appointment with the Specialist isn't for another 3 months, that nothing untoward has shown up and that I have a happy and healthy heart.

The very very nice cardiogram man when asked, took some pictures of my heart for me. I've given the collection to school, and have kept one picture to scrap (watch out for the LO) - It really is a fabulous photograph and shows the four chambers of my heart .... I've been all round school today showing the kids my heart - supporting my claims that I did NOT have a 'swinging brick' !!!!!

The 'accidental' Strangulation of a Pupil

I had the 'B' of all lessons today. I was covering a Tech class with a Year 7 form. It was doomed from the start; from the swearing and disruption, to the tipping of a bag - and a box - full of sequins, and the 'accidental' knocking over of 3 leaking containers of blue fabric dye ..... it was just a bloody nightmare. Anyway, managed to get control of the class and send out one kid for a brush and shovel (for the sequins, not the dead bodies) ... and six pupils ended up running off !

Lo and behold ... they all 'eventually' come running back, just as I'm running out of the class to see what the commotion is in the corridor ... anyway, i nearly collided with .. 'X' .... so I put my hand up quickly to stop the collision whereupon HE ran straight into MY hand.

'X' then went running off to inform the whole school and its wife, that I 'strangled' him !!!

Within minutes the door is thrown open and in walks an excuse for a Year 10 kid who comes bouncing into my class swearing and accusing me of 'strangling' her cousin !! Being mightily 'peed' off by this time, I said to her "....... and what ya gonna do about it". It was really quite strange the way she stopped in her tracks. I continued.... "so.... what ya gonna do ? punch me ? attack me ?" ........ so I stood there arms open ..... "go for it .. go on, go on".

Apparently, her 'bigger' cousin is coming to sort me out ... heh heh ...oooh i just can't wait !

It really has been a nightmare week for everyone in school - and a few of us have decided to start a survey as we are convinced that the pupils in our school are affected by full moons - this week has been a full moon week.

Thank god its Friday - YAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Aims for the Weekend

This week I have managed to get my CJ ready for UK Stampers (albeit I need to add the blank pages), and I've completed my July pages for the Calendar Journal i'm involved in with the 'old' Canny forum, which is now called The Craft Forum.

I haven't done any scrapping for oooh ......... ages ... in fact the last thing I scrapped was my page for the Scraplift Team challenge ...... I am determined that I am DEFINITELY goling to scrap this weekend !

I hope anyone reading these manic posts manages to complete something they want to complete, and has a fabulous weekend as well ! xx


Deborah Duck said...

DS has a facial xray this week at the orthodentist, and I SOOOOO wanted to ask for a copy, but was too scared, so well done you for asking. Shame you didn't just squeeze a little bit when you were accidentally strangling that sweetheart, little blighter!

Lorraine said...

Some kind of day, that, Cal.

What's this about your heart? You keeping secrets from me again?

Anonymous said...

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