Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crap Interview, Heatwave, French footie shirts

Crap Interview

I had a garbage day yesterday.

I had an interview for a job in our Maths Department ... I'd worked all weekend on a presentation and slide show - I provided hand outs and heaps of ideas etc. etc. etc... Anyway, I didn't get the job because "I'd had too much time off the last 3 years" - over three years I've had tonsilitis which turned into bronchial pneumonia, then I had flu twice (first year in a new school, you catch allsorts) ... I'd had two weeks off because of Stewart, three weeks off with Aaron, Campylobactor (food poisoning) - 3 weeks off, and 3 weeks off because of the mini-strokes. I had sick notes for all the times I was off, excluding the time off with Aaron and Stewart ... and the time off with Stewart was agreed to by our Head.

I was soooooooo angry that I cried for hours and cried myself to sleep - i've waited 3 years to get into the Maths Department ... and had to quit my Maths Degree because I couldn't get to teach enough classes .....WHO got the job ?

The cleaner who's been working as a Teaching Assistant in our school for 6 months.

I am NOT joking. Words fail me.

*insert sad sobbing smiley*


Blurdy hell its hot !!!!!!!!!!!!

*insert sweating little smiley*

French Football Shirts

Colin my twin brother had asked us if we could have a look for a French football shirt for Delene's nephew in South Africa. Richard (Dels brother) and the little fella had come over to France on a quick business trip, and Dels nephew had fallen in love with the French football team.

Apparently, France has run out of their own football shirts AND the material to make anymore.

I wonder how many Frenchmen/women are flying over to the UK to visit JJB this week ?!!!!

*insert laughing smiley*

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oOcarrieOo said...

cheer up Cal!
i'm a big believer of things happening for a reason!
the reasons may not always be apparent right away, but be sure they are always there!