Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stewart, School, Poo and Lianne


Stewart was back in hospital yesterday for some more treatment. His Specialist decided to go straight into the spine this time as all previous treatment has been a waste of time. Stewart reckoned that it was the most painful experience he's ever had to endure in his life - but hey - it seems to be working.

For the first time in a long time, he managed to walk to the local shop without the aid of a stick. I know he can't walk permanently without a stick as it would do more harm than good, but its nice on the odd occasion for him to be without it.

I even came home from work today and a beautiful cooked meal was waiting for me AND all the washing done !!

Big YAY(s) for Stewarts Specialist - YAY !!!!!


This morning was spent updating the 'profiles' of the pupils I work with. Its a boring job, but one that has to be done ... fortunately, due to the remarkable typing lessons I took in Senior School, I 'touch type' at approx 119 wpm ... and so mine were completed in nano time !!! I spent the rest of the lessons that I'd been allocated browsing blogs, UKS and 2peas !

I thought it was educational anyway !!! :)

I need to get these smilies sorted ... surely someone reading this blog knows how I can get my smilies working .... i'm bereft without them !!! :(


Poo - oh yes, my fur baby is pooing for England .... at the rate he's pooing he'll cover the whole of England before he's grown out of the 'puppy' stage ... I'm obsessed now about whether my house stinks of 'dog' or not ... My lovely lounge now homes numerous bottles and jars of Vanish, Flash, Air Freshener and Lemon fragranced wipes ... my darling boy (Gnasher not Aaron) did however manage one poo and two wees on the 'mat' thing .... so I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies :)

*insert woe is me smiley*


Lianne visited tonight ... she came to see our new addition to the family, and to 'straighten' my hair. I hate asking her to do my hair on every visit ... but she straightens it much better than my attempts with straighteners and irons .....

We also spent some time discussing our trip in February to the Card Fairy retreat - and whether or not I am going to be able to contain myself with Sir Tim being there .... I just know that I am either going to pass out on the spot as and when he speaks to me .... OR, I will pee my pants ... can't decide which is the better option yet ... but I might hold a poll nearer the time !!! :)


Deborah Duck said...

Okay, several topics to comment on: Firstly, and most importantly, I think I would faint in front of Sir Tim, rather than pee your pants. He'll be much more likely to run to your assistance if you swoon.

Secondly, we've had our new doggy for almost a year now, and I was terrified of the house smelling like a urinal first too. We've persevered, and we are 98% there. The only place he saves himself for now is our bed - really pleasant.

Thirdly, best thing I ever learned was to touch type at 100odd wpm, I'm so with you there!

Fourthly, DH was on sticks a year ago, and couldn't walk from here to the car without major major snapping at everyone pain and discomfort. He's now back at work, with barely a twinge. I could not have envisaged that a year ago. Glad things are looking up.

Galaxy Girl said...

I'd probably swoon and pee my pants. I LOVE Sit T.

I read an interesting article yesterday (wish I could remember where) about Bounce sheets. Try laying some of them around to deodorise!

Sorry to hear about the job too.