Thursday, August 23, 2007

Settling In ..... and Stuff !

Aaron is home now from Scotland thank goodness. I truly hate him going away ... gawd knows what I'm going to be like if/when he ever goes to University !! I will be totally inconsolable !

We collected him from my mums on Monday, and brought him home. He was totally gobsmacked by his new Liverpool bedroom (aka "the shrine") and it really did help take his mind off the robbery. We'd invited two of his friends to stay that night, and all in all .. and despite the fact they were all still laughing and chatting at 1.30 in the morning .... I think he did really well his first night. HOWEVER .............

Tuesday dawned ... and so did the mail ..... and so did the packages.

The wonderful people of UKS had sent cards and gifts for Aaron and myself. There was a fabulous 'popper' book for both Aaron and I. There was playstation games, books and DVDs. All the while Aaron was opening these gifts, he just kept saying "why would strangers send me these things when they don't know me" .... he was totally overwhelmed by people's kindness and generosity.

The sentiments held within the cards and messages I have received have really helped keep me strong. I'm not a pessimist by nature, but even I was struggling to find the goodness in a break-in ... yet, my many friends have given me a reason for believing in good again - and for that, I can't thank everyone enough.

There are heaps of people I need to thank ... but I have promised them that I won't do it publically, so ... to all of those wonderful people who know who they are .... thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Angela said...

Glad your baby is back, and you all deserve those goodies, enjoy!!

BeanKreative! said...

Yeah!! Aaron is home...welcome home lil' lad!!
Glad to hear Cal that he's lovin' the 'shrine' special to have that for him.

Are those pics of New house? loverly and really made me 'vacate' my brain a moment seeing that spectacular View!!

K- sidebar. GREAT layout Pages...Im going to you, whence i get back to scrappin.!! LOL
Cheers Babe...snogs n kizzes!!
~Sabrina (O:

BeanKreative! said...

second sidebar and more FYI...

Noticed Posted Time for you 10:28 am...for MOI...LOL 2:28 am.

Sleep deprived this morning. (O:


Suzanne said...

Glad to hear he enjoyed the room and he was able to experience the kindness of others in a difficult time. He will remember this for many years and one day he will pay it forward!!