Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barstewards !

On Sunday we had moved loads of boxes up to the new house in order that we could get a free spare room to put 'not important' stuff in ... so we emptied Aaron's room of boxes ... and my craft boxes that had been packed ... and took them to the new house.

We then spent the rest of the day putting up curtain poles, curtains and running backwards and forwards for more loops and curtain hooks ... by tea time we were physically knackered .. locked up and went back to 'hillcrest'.

Arrived at 'new' house on Monday morning to discover that we had been broken into We were met by utter chaos. We couldn't even get into the house because they'd jammed up commodes against the inside door (the elderly couple who lived in the house previously had a wide and varied collection of commodes) .... Honestly, you couldn't write this stuff ....

We managed to get the door open and were met by total carnage All my craft boxes were tipped up all over the ground floor of the house. Boxes of beads had been deliberately emptied and strewn everywhere (each box of beads was approx £100 worth) and I had 9 boxes ... rubber stamps everywhere .... papers trodden over ... absolute carnage ... I went upstairs, and all Aaron's room had been trashed .. everything pulled out their cuboards (that had already been sorted out) ... they'd stolen his books, videos, DVDs, playstation games, PS2 games .... hockey stick(which as worth £100 on its own) ... and worse than anything .. they'd stolen his brand new cricket bag .. containing all his cricket gear. His wicket keep gloves alone are worth £35.

The Police arrived within 20 mins and were absolutely fantastic ... the forensics came at lunch time and again, they were brilliant. Our new neighbours were in a total state of shock because nothing like this has ever happened. (sods law it had to happen to us).

Anyway, the Insurance doesn't start on the new house until Saturday (our proper moving in date) and the Insurance at 'hillcrest' won't cover it either despite numerous phone calls from me checking every nook and cranny in the contract. The alarm was cut so that never went off. A neighbour opposite heard banging and smashing and looked out but couldn't see anything - the huge bushes in the garden hid her view ... so we're stuffed ... absolutely stuffed.

Thankfully none of the large stuff had been brought to the house .. but neverthless, with Aarons stuff and my stash, we've lost thousands and of course Stewart and I are absolutely devastated.

I'm not bothered about my stuff, I had too much stash anyway - but why steal from a kid, the bastards knew it was a kid they were robbing from ... a lot of what has been stolen are things that Aaron had saved up for himself - and why trash the place ?? Whats with that ... surely stealing from someone is enough heartache without trashing someone's home ? It beggars belief.

Having had a couple of days to calm down - i'm now just thankful that no-one got hurt. All Aaron's belongings can be replaced over time .. and lets be honest, kids these days get and have so much stuff anyway.

We've now got the home contents insurance sorted and today the alarm fitters are arriving to install a complete new system that no-one will be able to hack.

I'd also like to say thanks to the very many people on UKS, Canny and SCS who have pm'd me, emailed me and telephoned me to let me know that they are thinking of my family and I. Knowing that people are thinking and praying for us has touched us deeply. Thank you.

Hugs 'n' snogs to you all xxxxxxx


Peechy said...

bah!! what a horrible thing to do, stealing from you all is bad enough but from a child!!
Glad you are all ok and that you are doing good in your self.
Hope the police come up with something, maybe matching finger prints or something.
Love to you and your family and here's to a happy move from here on xxx

~*Gems*~ said...

Oh my gosh Cal that is awful! I really do not know what to say to be honest - that truly isn't nice at all!
I am just thankful that you are all ok.
Big hugs to you xxx

Cath said...

I know how you feel!! We were robbed not long after we moved a few years ago. The man next door took photos of the lads doing it but the police said they could not use them!
I am glad you are all ok and I hope they get them.

Sam said...

How awful for you all, and what a terrible start to life in your new home. I hope that you can put it all behind you in time. Big hugs & take care.


Diane said...

Oh, that's awful! I've just read your post on UKS too and just wanted to send my virtual support. Exactly, why steal from a kid? It's beyond me what goes through their minds. Not human beings are they? Just scum.

Pam said...

I am so sorry to read your news. What a horrible strat to your new home. Your poor boy- mine went through something similar a couple of years back it is just devestating.

mandijane said...

Don't think we have spoken on UKS but I just wanted to say how downright awful it is what has happened.
Sending positive thoughts and warm wishes that you get settled quickly.

Ali TS said...

Big hugs to you, you sound so utterly positive despite such an awful thing happening to you. Hope things get better really soon and you can enjoy the new house despite the poor start.

Love Ali

Nat said...

Oh Cal so sorry to hear this - barstewards indeed. Just gla that you are all ok and hop that the Police get a lead soon. thinking of you chick xxx

Flo said...

only just seen this Cal :(

nightmare, absolute nightmare

your poor son

but good on you for being so brave about everything

Roz Roz said...

Bastards does not even sum up what these people have done to you, your in my thoughts, if you need anything, give me a shout.

mum on the run said...

Hi Cal, just clicked through from UKS and am really saddened by this. I too hope you can out it all behind you.