Monday, June 18, 2007

Oooops - I forgot my poor blog !!

Thank you to everyone for nagging me to update my Blog !!

Well, I've got heaps of news !

Firstly - we've sold our house - yippee !!! The 'For Sale' sign went up on the Friday, we received a phone call from the Estate Agents on Saturday. The viewers came round on Sunday and they put an offer in on Monday. The buyers Surveyor came round today - so hopefully it will just be a couple of weeks until its done and dusted.

Secondly - I have a new job. Its on top of my normal job, but its an extra 8.5 hours on top which will run through all the holidays as well. The job is basically a Transition Mentor for Key Stage 4 kids - which means that I will be helping selected cohorts through their GCSE exams, and then help them to select specific college/training courses etc.,. It also means that I will be able to follow these cohorts/young adults for a year after leaving school.

For me personally, it means that I can stick with my 'special kids' and not have the stress of worrying what they're up to without me !!

Will add some crafting work shortly !


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job and hope the house sale goes through smoothly for you xx

Angela said...

Congratulations on the house sale and your new job and of course on remembering your poor neglected blog

Roz Roz said...

Yahoo, your back to blogging, was missing you sweety, great news on the house and job.

Nat xxx said...

Great news on the job and house, congratulations!
Welcome back to Blogland!

Anonymous said...

Thats great news on the house sale ,1 less worry for you. Good luck with the job to.
Love Denise xx

Alex said...

Ahem, I should think so too Cal, so come on - we're still waiting for your creativity to appear!!!! lol

Fab news about your house sale, lucky you, in Dorset the market seems a little stagnent even though we have horrendously high house prices, probably why then!!! And congrats on your job news that excellent