Sunday, May 13, 2007

I've been tagged .... again !!!!

..... by Bev ... so ........ 7 things about me ..... hmmmmmmmmm

1. I always try to see the funny side of things, which can often lead me into trouble.

One of my best mates 'Little Sue' had a fab budgie called Eric. He died. She told me. I was devastated for her because I knew how much Eric meant to her ... what did I do ? laugh .... I think it must be a nervous thing.

Its like when someone tells you bad news .. what do we say "nooooo you're kidding/joking/lying' ... I mean why do we say it ?? We know they're not kidding/joking/lyin ... but still we say it ...... mad or wot ???

2. I hate hate hate those green rubbery things ..... no no no not rubber washing up glovey things ...... what are they called ..erm ... erm ... advocados .. jeez they're 'orrible. They're green and rubber and gross - yeuch yeuch.

3. I appeared on daytime television 3 times. *shuts gob* *says no more*

4. I go to church - only occasionally, but I do go.

5. I talk a lot !!!!!!! Now, who never knew that ????? PML !!

6. I once stole a bus. *says no more*

7. I am a twin.

8..... this is a bonus one ......... I haven't got a clue who I am gonna tag .. but I'll come back and let ya know !

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