Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday 11th March

(This is the layout I mention below where you can't really see the 3-d effect)
Not a lot to report really. I've been busy making more cards for school - Mothers Day and more Birthday cards - don't know why my cards are suddenly starting to sell so well, but i'm not complaining !!

Did a nice layout during the week, but sadly you can't see all the stand-out flowers on them or the doodling. I seriously need to think about buying a decent camera, but other 'needed' things keep being 'needed' :(

Anyway, i've got a mad couple of weeks coming up at school - loads going on. Kids need to take their ROAs home tomorrow (Record of Achievements) and I need to double check that everything is inside them that should be so that their parents can read them and comment upon them at Parents Evening.

Tuesday is Interform, where the whole Year group competes against each class - In two years my class has only won one category - the boys hockey !!

Parents evening on Wednesday (can't wait as I really need to have serious talks with some parents and I am going to be brutally honest instead of trying to keep the discussion about their child 'positive') . There's a limit to how many times a child can get away with saying "Shurrup ya gay or Shurrup ya slag" without me wanting to turn em over and slap their backsides.

I believe that the positive approach with kids does work, and I also believe that inclusion works. However, as is always the case, there are the exceptions to the rule. I seem to have all the 'exceptions' in my class tho !! Sometimes the heavy handed approach works better (and I don't mean physically), but it has to come from both school AND the parents. What's the point of phoning home and having parents come into school when the same child goes home, walks up to their room and starts playing on their playstations, listening to their Ipods and watching TV via their DVDs ......

If I were ever called into Aaron's school - then I'm afraid all he'd be left with in his bedroom would be a mattress and covers .. and a book. End of. We used to get the threat of the ruler at school and/or cane depending on the severity of the punishment and at home, I used to have the threat of my mothers wooden scholl. Neither did me any harm, and I do feel that it gave me a good grounding.

Grrrrrrrr - sorry, just needed to let off steam there ....

I digress, Thursday will be getting the school ready for Red Nose Day which will be on Friday. We have male teachers being waxed, female teachers 'colouring' their hair for the day, some forms are having PJ parties ... and one Key Stage Manager is going to be dunked and savagely attacked by soft tomatoes - gross !!!

Anyway, inbetween all this, I hope to have some free evenings to be able to relax by crafting. I would hate to think how high my BP would be if I didn't have this wonderful activity to help me relax.

Hope you all have a fabulous week xxxxxxxxx

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