Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back ... sorry for the delay

Above is the fab Calendar Book we made with Emily Adams using the equally fab Rock Star Imagination Gin-X papers that Emily designed - cool or wot !!!!! You get heaps on the chipboard sheets so well worth buying !

Above are the fab tags we made with Tim Holtz - if you would like the instructions of each technique used, please feel free to email me.

Away with the Fairies Retreat
Wow - i've been so busy this week its been unbelievable ... anyway ... the Away with the Fairies Retreat.
OMG - it was fab ......
Arrived Friday in Oxford and went to a local shopping mall to do some shopping (obviosuly) !!! The hotel was only 10 mins away, but there had been an accident, and it took us over an hour to get to the hotel .... We had to sign in at 7pm and then instructed to go straight to class ... well it was only a class by the incredible Emily Adams from Imagination Gin-X .... OMG she was fabulous. So easy to talk to and get along with ... i think she thought we were all mad .. but anyway, here's a video on HER blog ... with us lot on it ... we're the last table she came to ..

Here (look for Teaching at Away with the Fairies)

Guess who else was there ..... Tim !!!!!!!!!!! OMG he was standing in front of me ... and I tried to play it cool, but I was actually physically shaking. I couldn't breathe, couldn't speak .. nothing ... then I pulled myself together ... got a photo took with him, and got on with Emily's class. I'd been looking at their new papers from CHA and thinking I could do a fab journal with the Rock Star ones .. and lo and behold the class was with the Rock Star papers - freaky or wot !

Saturday morning came ... and my first class was with Tim Holtz ... we made the most beautiful necklace made using a watch fob, diamond crown and silver wings, oh and the inside is a miniature collage (below)...... The second class was all about techniques using the new Adirondak Acrylic Paint Dabbers/Daubers .... wow ..... wow ... wow.... He really teaches in such a laid back manner .. and nothing is too much trouble ... anyway, above is the tag book we made using the techniques Tim taught us.

I'll upload class 3 tomorrow ............ phew !


Nat xxx said...

Sounds fab! CAn't wait to see some more pics :D xxx

Emily Adams said...

You guys were pretty fab, yourselves! I'm glad you had fun!
keep in touch...

Pam said...

WOw. Lucky you- I love the watch fob jewellry- fantastic- why don't these people ever come up to Scotland?