Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crop and latest 'round' Layout ...........

Had a fab crop today at the Manchester crop - Sam had bought the obligatory danishes and the most delicous butter scones that I've ever tasted - yum, yum pigs bum !

Anyway, I took my delicious-es-es-es-es Basic Grey Blush .... started the next round layout, and what happened .................. I only went and knocked a whole cup of tea all over it .... I could have cried. The photograph I had used was an original and was the first one of my mum holding Aaron at four days old. He was so damaged and jaundiced after giving birth to him,that I was the only one allowed to touch him. So the photograph is just sooo special to me.

Thankfully everyone around me jumped up as I'm in a state of frozen panic - and people came from nowhere with tissues and kitchen roll. June snatched the layout, ripped off the photograph and dabbed it quick - and thank heavens it was ok ...... I then borrowed Pauls (Olbas Paul) heat gun and dried out the layout ..... I couldn't believe it when it turned out distressed !!!! It was fabby !! So thank you to everyone for saving the day !!

Anyway, here/above/at the side .... wherever it bloody turns up once i've posted it - is the 'distressed' BG Blush layout !!!!

Joke (for those who have missed them)

A man is strolling past a lunatic asylum when he hears a loud chanting.

"thirteen thirteen thirteen!" goes the noise from the mental hospital wards.

The mans curiosity gets the better of him and he searches for a hole in the security fence. Its not long before he finds a small crack, so he leans forward and peers in. Instantly, someone jabs him in the eye. As he reels back in agony,the chanting continues ................

"fourteen fourteen fourteen!"

Ok - hands up all of those who would have peeked through the hole !!!!!!!!!!


Roz Roz said...

Yep, I'd have peeked as well. Lovely layout, thank goodness for kleenex. mwahahahahha

Deborah Duck said...

I'm nearly hyperventilating here for you at the thought of that cup of tea over your scrummy layout! But it was obviously meant to be LOL.

I hope that you just sniffed at the scones and danishes, and none actually passed your lips young lady, I thought you were being good. Or do crops not count? Says she going to her first crop of the year next Saturday where there will no doubt be fudge cake!

Di said...

That's a lovely layout. I've got those yummy papers too.

HosieMosie said...

You've been tagged!

1. grab the book closest to you
2. open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3. post the text of the following three sentences on your blog
4. name of the author and book
5. tag three people of you own


Sam said...

Just tagging you hun x

MJ said...

Thank goodness you saved it, gorgeous LO.


Nat xxx said...

It's gorgeous Cal - you'd never guess it was nearly ruined!

And yep - I would have peeped through the hole, despite knowing better (I work in a mental health hostel!! lol!)