Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catching up ...... (and I've been tagged again)

Oops - I seem to have been a tad remisce in posting on my blog ... anyway ...

I've had a bit of a heart scare (again). BP very high and my heart was racing, so doc has added a beta blocker to the mound of tablets that I'm already taking. Funnily enough, I only had a banging thumping headache that wouldn't shift .. but other than that, I felt ok in myself - ho hum. I'm feeling fine now, but stressing myself stupid about dying ... I need to get the thought out of my head, and stop being stupid so someone please give me a kick up the posterior.

Anyway, my latest round layouts, should be somewhere in this post .... again, where they turn up is anyone's bet !!!

While I've been off school, i've also made a start on Valentines cards - the kids at school always ask me to make a 'special' card for them, so in preparation i've made a start. I got some fab lushy lush ribbons from Lianne ( and i'm on a role .... isn't it funny that a single ribbon/piece of paper/embellishment can set you off on a role ... but a role I am on anyway !!


Aaron started swimming lessons at the new baths tonight. He has no confidence in the water whatsoever even at 11, and although i'm not a pushy mother, I really have been pushy over this swimming malarky. He was previously having lessons at the main pool in Rochdale, but because of the confidence issues, they put him in a class with the toddlers !!! I could have cried for him ..... anyway, the class he is now with are kids his own age or just slightly older and he feels so much more happier about it now .... Well he must be happier because he swam a whole length on his back without floats and he's never done that before - rock on Aaron !!!!

Besides which, my brother who is now a [sea] Captain was exactly the same and hated the water until he was about 14 - ironic or wot ??
Tagged again .... by Hosiemosie
1. grab the book closest to you
2. open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3. post the text of the following three sentences on your blog
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"When Sergeant Player arrived at the committee headquaters, a requisitioned building in the Place de la Madeleine, he took his place in line waiting to receive a folder of information about what was expected of him, while he was on Allied territory - how to locate the Eiffel Tower, which clubs and restaurants were within his price range, how to avoid catching VD. It looked as if this advice was being dispensed by a group of middle aged ladies who couldn't possibly have seen the inside of a nightclub for the past twenty years".
Jeffrey Archer - The Fourth Estate
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Nat xxx said...

Crikey Cal - hope you're feeling better now lovely, take it easy :) I'm loving your round LO's :D xxx