Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sarahscards Retreat !!

Wow, I almost .... please note I said almost ... forgot to post about it !!!

Well, what a day !

Lianne and I arrived to be greeted by the most adorable church hall. It was all beautifully laid out with the first kit all ready at each place, a goody bag on each chair, a mug for drinks and a bottle of water for as and when we needed a drink. The place just looked amazing !

On to the first class, which was a stunning canvas book being taught by JulieM. I couldn't believe it, but she had even die-cut all the tiny little pieces ready for us and the major pieces of card had been cut down ready for scoring/cutting etc., The class lasted two hours and the end result was a truly stunning book. I'd never made one before, but having experienced Julie's expert tuition, I know I'll be making many more of them - well I know I will because I've already received an order for one !!!

We then broke for lunch ... OMG ... the food was delicious - homemade potato and leek soup with huge chunks of crusty bread ... followed by chilli, baked spud and heaps of salad. After this, I couldn't move and I could not have eaten another thing if my life depended on it ... BUT ... for dessert there was the most amazing selection of homemade cakes with tea and coffee - gorgeous !!

The second class was an exploding box which was taught by Kirsty. She used the most fabulous bright Crate papers and matching bazzill cardstock for the class. The instructions were fabulous and we were soon whizzing through the project. Again, the outcome was a stunning exploding box ... which I've already had requests to make for people in school.

The third and last class was a star book which was taught by JaniD. Again, the kit was ready and Jan had cut out most of the pieces for us to save us assembling time. Again, under fantastic tuition we managed to complete the most delightful Christmas star book ever !!! and .... yet again, i've already received two requests from teachers in school for them !!!

I'll be crafting every night until Chritmas now !!!

Anyway, following Jan's class there was time for some shopping !!! I managed to pick up Lianne's Biffday present (18th Dec - she'll go mad for me telling ya but who cares) .... and some other bits and pieces.

I truly went home a happy bunny that night - I'd met so many people that I'd been dying to meet - Roz especially because she's on a couple of design teams with me ... and the bonus was in meeting Heather as well. I couldn't believe it, but Pauline (Keltikween) was brought up in the same road as my Aunt and Uncle in Scotland - what a bloody small world eh ?!!!

Anyway, to those lucky enough to be going to Sarah's next retreat - you will have a ball !!! Oh, and a word of advice .... don't eat for at least 3 days before you go !!!

Thanks to Sarah and her team for a fabulous, well-organised retreat - it was cool !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

it was great to see you as well hunny bun. kissy wissy's xxx