Sunday, December 17, 2006

Manchester Crop ... Celebrity Stalking and more !!!

Well, we had a truly fabulous day at the Manchester Crop yesterday. I managed to get the last of the ordered Star Books done - the picture of it is above !!!

Sam had left little gifts, christmas crackers and candy cane for everyone at their desks and I was so touched that she'd gone to so much effort, it was lovely. I received so many beautiful handmade cards that I could have cried at the effort people went to - thank you all, they mean so much to me xx

Anyway ... lets get to the gossip and the celebrity stalker ... JulieM (UKS) .......

Well, Anita (Mundt) attended our crop (It was actually Anita's first UK crop) ... I mean how cool is that ?!!!! BUT .. and here it comes ... our little celebrity stalker friend JulieM totally monopolised Anitas time. She sat elbow to elbow with poor Anita the WHOLE day ... she kept going and making ANITA cups of tea, bringing her plates of grub from the buffet, laughing at her jokes ...looking dreamily into Anita's eyes ... get the picture ???

Did WE ... her friends get so much as a cup of tea - NO

Did WE .... other crafters get to speak to Anita ... well yes, but with Julie in tow

Did WE .... even get to sit near Anita - NO ... because JulieM was too bloody scared to shift her backside in case someone sat by Anita !!! She sat there glued to her flipping chair the whole day !

Now those who attend the Manchester crop know that this is not Julie - she's always fussing about, always making cups of tea ... always encouraging us to do our work etc., etc., ..... but not on this occasion .. oh no ! The celebrity stalker that IS JulieM sat on her posterior and didn't budge ... NOT ONCE !!!

......... and there is worse to come ............ her long standing friend, the lovely, wonderful cook that is JOOLS ... was dumped/ditched/fired off/ignored .... Julie sat that far away from Jools you'd have thought Jools had the lurgy ! My heart goes out to Jools who has supported and befriended 'she who cannot be named' for over 14 years !!!!

*insert sobbing smiley for Jools*

Due to the upset that this all caused ... I felt it my duty ... no ... my right to have to say something to 'she who cannot be named' .... I mean ... poor Jools ...... So of course, once something was said .... that was it .....

We laughed and laughed and laughed .. I haven't laughed so much in such a very long time !!!! I'm not sure if Anita caught on at first that we were all winding Julie up ... but quickly she realised what was going on and just 'went with the flow' !!! PML - I really don't think Anita will ever forget her first UK crop - not ever !!

I suppose you needed to be there - but OMG we are NOT gonna let JulieM live it down - EVER !!
EDITED: Forgot to mention that 'she who cannot be named' has demanded aka wants us all to curtsey to her ... me ? curtsy ? Oooooooooooh I just don't fink sooooo ....

Thanks to everyone who was there - it really was a fabulous fabulous day xx

Chrimble Tree

Its done !!!! YAY !!!! It doesn't look as bushy or full as in real life - but it is lovely honest !!!


Jools said...

Well I'm just glad its all out in the open now Cal. You forgot to mention that we all have to curtsey to her now!
Glad you enjoyed the day as much as me - so good to laugh like that.

Anonymous said...

Loved the day Cal, lifted us all up its good we can laugh with friends & know that they are truly friends!!!
Love the star book now why cant I do do one like that ??
Love Denise xx

Pam said...

Sounds like you had a great crop- love your star book.

Roz Roz said...

OMG. what is that lady like, poor Jools, been dropped like that, can't believe she now expects you all to curtsey as well. Hee hee, drop kick her instead. mwahahahahhaha

Sonja said...

OMG! Im cryin wiv laffin!! You sure are one crazy chick. Still remember going to the butty shop with you at the NW crop and laffed all the way there - and back!!