Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lubberly Night Out .... desertion ... :( ...... and YAY .... and Joke !

A gang of us went out last night to celebrate both Lianne's Birthday and Joanne's love of sour cream. Apparently, on a trip to Holland to see Anita, Jo fell in love with sour cream (according to Dutch rumours ... she ate a bucket full) .... so we dedicated a trip to Chilli Jacks in Warrington to Joanne and it shows how meant to be it was ... that it fell on Lianne's Birthday !!

It was a truly lovely night. Good friends and excellent food and I know Joanne would have loved it as well.

I say we count our blessings for all the wonderful friends we have made through scrapping - you're a rare and special breed !!! xxxxxxxxxx

Desertion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lianne has deserted me.



Its awful :(

I went to call round to her house at lunchtime and then remembered that she'd 'gone dowen sowf' :(

*insert woe is me smiley*

I truly feel as if my left arm has been cut off. I feel bereft :(

*insert another woe is me smiley*

Isn't it funny how you don't need to live in one anothers pockets, but still miss someone so much ?? I don't know how she wangled her way into my heart, but she did and she has ... and I miss not being able to 'pop' round or pick up the phone.

I feel bereft :(

*hopes someone takes pity on me*

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have broken up from school - i can lie in ..... as such ... Aaron is still at school for two days but at least I don't have to rush about with my head between my tails as I do most mornings !!!

YAY !!!!!!


A man walks into a doctor's office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear. "What's the matter with me?" he asks the doctor. The doctor replies, "You're not eating properly."


Kelly said...

sending bug hugs XOXOXOXOX and enjoy those lie ins lol

Anonymous said...

How long is Lianne away for Cal?
Glad you enjoyed your meal was YKW stalking again ? only joking!!!!
Love Denise xx

julie said...

she'll be back before you know it.Pity you don't live nearer or you could have popped round here for a cuppa.Got a few days at home to catch up. It was a lovely night out wasn't it and agree with your sentiments entirely.
love julie x

Mrs Scissors said...

Hello m'darlin.
How many tails have you got, with your head down there between them you brazen hussy.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Denise - she comes back on Friday but I go to my mums that day :(

Ellie - you don't arf make me laff !

Julie and Kelly - thank you for your lubberly comments xx

Roz Roz said...

ha ha, that joke is great. Don't worry about Lianne, she will be home soon, and you will have so much gossip to catch up.
Have a great christmas.

Mwah. xxx

4kidsat147 said...

Done it......and same to you hun. When are we gonna get an update?