Thursday, November 30, 2006

Xmas Factor !

We are holding a Xmas Factor competition at school a week tomorrow (8th December).... I am one of the judges and mentors ... Louis(a) Walsh. My category is the soloists and I have to mentor my charges to perform on the night.

I have Christopher who is in Year 11 and no-one knew he sang ... he was a shock entrant at the auditions and absolutely took my breath away. He made the hairs on my arms stand on end, and made me cry - talk about the voice of an angel !

I then have Beverley who is in Year 11- who has performed several times on stage, has a fantastic powerful voice ... but thinks she knows it all, and we're clashing !

Lastly I have the lovely Year 7 Hayley. She truly has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, but who has never performed on stage - I have a gut feeling that on the night, her bottle will go .... please god, keep her together for me.

Anyway, all three of us judges are fighting for different lighting and 'extras' for our performers. Carl, our music teacher, got in there first and has pinched the snowflakes that I wanted .... and numerous other 'gadgets and gismos'...

I have managed to secure two Xmas trees to drop from the ceiling as Hayley is 'doing her number' .... and a chaise longe (sp) for Beverley as she's singing Santa Baby ... but I wanted snow when Christopher was singing ..... or pyrotechnics ... I can't have the snow coz Carl has got it .... and unbelievably, the school have refused to let me have fireworks - I am shocked and saddened ....

Dya know what they offered me instead of fireworks and snowflakes ....

Cornflakes !!!

Cornflakes ? What the f**k am I gonna do with cornflakes !!!???? and Debbie Duck, do not say eat em !

Oh, we also have three teachers in the competition - now that should be really funny !

Anyway, practice continues .... so I will keep you updated .... i'm sure you can't wait !!!


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Anonymous said...

(sorry, couldn't post earlier!)

I was so about to say that, bit scared now that you're knowing me too well!

Why can't you both have snow? Just because he got their first, can't you share it?

I'm sure it will be a fab contest, and they will all do brilliantly. Fingers crossed for your performers.

Anonymous said...

Eat them, hee hee, how did it go, you should have asked for Frosties, at these they would have glittered on the way down. mwahahahahha