Thursday, November 16, 2006

*** OMG *** *** a really serious OMG ***

OMG - Sarah @ sarahscards is pregnant with twins !!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean just how coolio is that ?!?!!! I am so overjoyed that I am laughing and crying at the same time !!! TWINS !!!! YAY !!!!

I'm a twin - and I adore being a twin. I love seeing twins together - watching them play is fantastic. Over time you can see how one is more dominant than the other - you never hear them say 'i've got no-one to play with' .... and have you ever seen a Silver Cross Double Coach-built pram - they are not only enormous, but stunningly gorgeous !!!!

Right, i'm running off to the hairdressers now for another chop - but I just wanted to pass on my congrats to SARAH and ROSS - I am overjoyed for you both - All my love - me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Had another fall today, well two ... first one I almost fell sideways and second one I fell UP the stairs and re-hurt my knees and hands.

Felt a right stupid moo.

Will phone doctors tomorrow in case its an ear infection or summit.


Deborah Duck said...

Congratulations to her from me too, my cousin has just had it confirmed she is expecting twins, after years of trying for a baby, she gets two at once!

You poor wobbly thing you, nothing more embarrassing than falling in front of people, so lots of sympathies. Get yourself down to that docs.

Galaxy Girl said...

fabulous news, that is wonderful for them.

Right, now shift it sister to the docts prontomento, and get yourself checked over!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cal, get to the docs quick sharp, can't have you all injured need you to make me pee myself laughing next week.