Saturday, March 21, 2009

I don't believe I'm doing this .........

The wonderfully funny-but-slightly-demented Dyan from Art from the Heart tagged me from her blog ..... The idea being I had to take a photo of myself there and then. No brushing of hair or touching up of anything. Result - one photo taken of me at 6.30am this morning !!! *insert shocked smiley* NOW people know why I won't leave the house until I have my eyeliner and mascara on !!!
I now have to tag a few peeps ..... erm erm .... back in 2 ......

The lovely Maggie, who currently has some beautiful photographs of culzean castle on her blog, which just happens to be my most favourite place in the whole world. Its a great place to repair broken hearts. Maggie's blog is HERE

Secondly, the fantastically talented LISA Hetrick ... please spend a second looking at her fabulous work.

Thirdly, the lovely Julie aka scrappydandydo ... HERE
Fourthly, the gorgeous Gwyneth .. I love this woman to death. I reckon she's a trendy young hip-hoppy-type-gal-in-the-disguise-of-a-pensioner .... she's amazing, she does the most amazing work, and she is mad as a bloody hatter ! I love her !


Dylan said...

Ha ha ha that is hilarious. I put it on full screen and frightened my whole class of students. lmao xx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

OMG you evil woman!!!
I did it and as you can see didn't cheat!!!:P
Thanks for that
J xx

Off me trolley Cards said...

Hee Hee, rather you than me Cal, I tried leaving a comment on your fabby canvasses but it wouldn't let me?? thats pretty damn good for a first attempt, well done xx
hope you get this message :)

honora2929 said...

Lol thats how i look at that time and who doesnt hehe very brave of you .I think i would have had to cheat and brush me hair x