Monday, June 30, 2008

Tagged - twice

Thanks to Quackas and Ruth for tagging me xx

What was happening 10 years ago - I was a legal Conveyancer and I was a single mum to a scrummy gorgeous 2 year old son.

5 things to do today -

Wrap a present, shop for refreshments for school production, finish off the props, sort out the stage make-up ready for matinee performance today, find out if I'm still going on a Drama residential course this weekend (which I'm not - yay) !!!

Snacks i like - anything savoury, but especially Mccoys crisps, pasties & prawns.

What would i do if i was a millionaire - buy a huge house with lots of land. Convert the garden into a football/cricket pitch and install a huge craft room especially designed for me. Sort my mum out - and then go and visit ALL of my friends in Canada.

Places i have lived - The Wirral, Rochdale

I tag,

See below right for my new tag from Ruth. I also tag the same people above.

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