Saturday, November 17, 2007

Education must change

When oh when will the government give those working in education the powers back to discipline pupils ??

To me anyway, discipline begins at home. I expect good manners and thoughtfulness from my son (and husband). Manners are manners and as the old saying goes 'manners cost nothing'.

Who is the idiot in government who allowed pupils to laugh in the face of teaching staff, refuse to do any work whatsoever, and then when disciplined - take it to a higher level so that the teacher is then in trouble for disciplining the child ??? Is it the Heads fault ? Is there that much pressure on Heads from the government, that they have taken 'inclusion' to this extreme ??

Its madness. Sheer and utter madness.

Having had reason to discipline three disruptive pupils this week - yesterday I was 'officially spoken to' by my Head of Department. In two of the incidents, pupils were removed from the class for being disruptive, and in the third incident a Prefect refused to do any work .... and I am being 'officially' spoken to ?????? Why ? For disciplining pupils !!!!!!!!

FFS what is this world coming to ?

When are the government going to realise what is going on in the teaching profession and give teaching staff the right back to punish these disruptive kids ?? What is going to happen when they go out into the big world out there and start working ??? What will happen when these kids start fighting and abusing their work colleagues ? Who will be to blame then ....

Oh yes - the schools !

I rest my case. Sermon over. Anyone got any jobs going ??

Weekend Away

Last weekend, I went away with a group of like-minded crafters and friends, to the Lake District in a beautiful Manor House.

I haven't laughed so much in a very long time.

The talent on show was utterly amazing, friendships were forged, fingertips sliced and sides were split.

For a look at some fabby pics from the weekend, take a looksie here !!

Catch y'all soon !

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Aristoscrap said...

Cal - I don't know what the answer is - but I do know they'll end up like my daughter when they leave school. Expecting everything handed to them on a plate, laughing in the face of discipline, and when it gets too much and their mothers give them a slap, they'll take the mother to court like mine did. I blame myself - for bringing up such a spoilt brat. Maybe some of the problems with these kids is they have too many rights - far to aware of the "system" and how much it favours them over hardworking honest people. Good luck with the job hunting!